Thursday, November 22, 2018

Bohemian Polish 'Holiday 2018 Collection'

**press sample**
HI guys! I have some gorgeous Holiday polishes to share with you today! 
Let's jump right in.

#eflie is a white crelly filled with various sizes and shapes of glitter in red, green, purple and blue; hexes, square bar and micro glitter. Here I did three thin coats plus topcoat. It applied really smooth and self leveled nicely. It does dry shiny, but a teeny bit textured due to the glitters. One coat of topcoat smooth it out though. It also needed just a little extra scrubbing to remove.

Fab-yule-lous is a violet purple jelly filled with ultra chrome chameleon micro flakes and a violet shimmer. Here I did three thin coats plus topcoat. Being a jelly, it is a bit on the sheer side, but built up nicely. It applied smooth, shiny and was easy to remove.

Oi to the World is a teal to to blue to purple multichrome. Here I did three thin coats plus topcoat. For a bit of a bolder look, you could also apply one or two coats over a black base to really make the colors pop. There were a few brush strokes, but the disappeared as it dried for the most part. It was also easy to remove.

Rebel Without a Clause is a bright pink, sort of cherry red jelly filled with purple to green aurora shimmer. Here I did three thin coats plus topcoat. Depending on your application and visible nail line, you may get away with just two coats. This applied smooth and shiny and was easy to remove.

Sleigh All Day is an aqua green foil polish filled with silver shimmer and holo flakies. Here I did two coats plus topcoat, but depending on your application you may need a third coat. It dried shiny and was easy to remove. 

This collection is beautiful! My absolute favorite is #elfie! I love a good white crelly! 
The Holiday 2018 Collection will be available November 22nd at 11:59pm !

Thanks for reading!


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