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Rise and Shine Cosmetics - Stronger Collection

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Hi guys! Today I have a really beautiful collection from Rise and Shine Cosmetics to share with you! The Stronger Collection was created by Courtney to celebrate and give praise to a few amazing women in her life. Through all the ups and downs life brings, these are her people.
Let's take a look!

Brandi is a pink crelly base filled with a fine violet to yellow shifting shimmer and tiny metallic black flakes.Here I did two coats plus topcoat. This dried shiny and smooth, so it was easy to remove.

As described by Courtney: Brandi is a lifelong friend.  Brandi, Karen and I have been a trio for as long as I can remember.  Her name means fiery beacon, and that is PERFECT! I chose to make her color a pink crelly! It fits her soft and loving personality (plus a nod to her love of the 80's).  She is gentle, kind, humble and a warrior!  She is never to be underestimated she is my fighter, and my personal warrior.  She has come to my defense, being my voice when I couldn't muster a single word.   Flying into Virginia, just to give me a hug when a phone call would not do!  I chose to add a violet/yellow duochrome because she is so humble and just plain sparkly to anyone who meets her.  Brandi is also strong as steel and wields a HUGE sword, therefore I added metallic black flakes- because she can go toe to toe when she feels someone has been wronged! She is a crusader, trying to make the world a better place so I added  pink/gold color micro flakes

Karen is a turquoise crelly filled with blue to green shifting shimmer and color shifting flakes.  Here I did two coats plus topcoat. This dried shiny and was easy to remove.

As described by Courtney: This turquoise crelly polish was inspired by my dear friend Karen.  Her name mean Purity, and that is perfect, as she has a pure heart. She taught me determination, loyalty and perseverance.   We have been friends forever, and even share the same birthday.  Once we were almost denied access to a movie because our birthdays are the same, the theater thought we were using fake ID's.  Although life keeps us from talking every day, when able to catch up it is as though we have never missed a beat.  We have grown up together and have been by each others side through good and bad times. Not long ago Karen surprised me when she came to the hospital after hearing my father unexpectedly became ill.  Karen stayed and  stood with my entire family as we watched my father's last breaths.  I chose to make a turquoise crelly polish because of her loyalty (and memories of the beach).  I added vibrant color shifting flakes for her ability to always look for the good, even when things don't go the way you were hoping. 

Missy is a lavender holo with a slight shift to red at extreme angles, as well as multicolored flakes. Here I did two coats plus topcoat. This dried shiny and was easy to remove.

As described by Courtney: This lavender polish is inspired by my sister-in law.  Missy is kind, gentle, and loving but she has NO IDEA  how awesome she is! Missy  taught me not to worry about the small stuff, concentrate of the big things and to laugh instead of cry! She has sat next to me for hours in surgical waiting rooms as we clung to each other awaiting news of my husband, her brother. She talked me off a ledge as I came unglued on a pharmacist while trying to pick up her brother's prescription. We have laughed with and at each other and cried together.  This duochrome polish is lavender with a red shift because Missy's favorite color is purple, and her heart always shows through.  The polish was jam packed with color shifting flakes because of all the color and joy she brings into my life and everyone who meets her. I couldn't think of any other way to complete this polish but with linear holographic pigments hoping to show Missy  how she is a diamond bringing everyone around her such light! 

Renate is a duchrome metallic silver base filled with holo and pink holo flakes. Here I did two coats plus topcoat. This dried shiny and was easy to remove.

As described by Courtney: My mother was the inspiration for this polish.  Born in Germany, her name means "Born Again" fitting since she was adopted.  She taught me to never give up, always keep fighting for what I believe in.  She taught me to slow down, and not miss a moment with my children.  She has taught me to only worry about and solve today's problems, as tomorrow will have an entire new set. Her polish is a 2 tone metallic silver base, as she is my shield and protector.  She does her best to shield my 3 siblings and I from pain.   I added pink holographic flakes to represent her amazing heart.   The holographic pigment was included as she shines being a guiding light helping to guide me while I was forced to make some of the most scary medical decisions of my life! 

Ruth is a pale blue duochrome with a lavender shift that is filled with mulitcolored holo flakes and holo pigment. Here I did two coats plus topcoat. This dried shiny and was easy to remove.

As described by Courtney: This polish was inspired by my late grandmother.  In Hebrew Ruth means friend, and she was to anyone she met.  She was one of the most amazing people I ever had the privilege to meet, and a gift that she was my grandmother.  She was a pastors wife, humble, kind, loving and her smile was like no other.  Anyone who realizes I am related to "Ruth" will stop and tell me what an amazing person she was, and share a story of how she touched their life.  She and my grandfather were a team, happily married until she left this world.  I miss her like crazy and her passing left a huge void in my life!She lived with a painful debilitating nerve illness (CRPS formally called RSD) for 20 years, and never complained, she bravely faced each painful day with a smile. Always willing to help someone in need no matter how much physical or emotional pain.  I admire her bravery and am in awe of her strength.  Doctors question if my husband has this illness, I now have a deeper understanding of her bravery.   I have no idea how she was able to wake and fight each day with such grace! I made this duochrome polish  a light blue with lavender shift (I wanted it to have an almost angelic look) because she is my angel.  I added multi colored holographic flakes because she was so full of life, laughter and joy. This beautiful polish has a crazy amount of holographic flair, because she didn't just help light up my life, but was  a light to EVERYONE she met.

I loved the entire collection. I especially loved the sentiment of each polish and how each ingredient came about as described by Courtney; which is why I chose to quote her after each description. You can tell that she really put a lot of thought into each person she was inspired by.
My favorite of the bunch is definitely Renate!

The Stronger Collection will be available in Rise and Shine Cosmetics' shop on Friday, January 26th

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