Sunday, February 14, 2016

Secret Cupid Swap 2016

**Nothing to Disclose**
Hi guys! Today I wanted to share a fun little Valentine's themed swap I participated in called the Secret Cupid Swap! My amazing friend, Stacey, of @polishedways invited me to join and I am so glad she did!

Basically she rounded up a group of YouTube/Instagrammers who all share a crazy love for nail polish. We each made a list of 8-10 polishes we wanted, as well as our fav candies! We were then matched up with instructions to send our person just one of the polishes and some yummies! Fun! I love swaps, but generally can't afford them, so this was perfect for me!

Any guesses on who had me? Lets find out......

Stacey actually had me! I was so excited when I got my package because, not only did I see it was from her, but the box was just freakin adorable! Flowers and hearts...oh my!

What was inside you ask.....?

Presentation really makes an impact for me and Stacey did a fantastic job!

Sour Patch Kids AND Reese's?! Be still my sugar loving heart!

In that little polka dotted polish burrito, was none other than Essie Starry Starry Night from the Retro Revival Collection! Yay!

When the original was released in 1985 I was just 4 years old...haha! I didn't really get into polish until about two years ago, so I didn't know anything about the original. When they released the revival version at the end of last year I really wanted it! Not because of all the hype it brought with it, but because I am just an overall fan of blue polishes.

So what's it look like? It is a deep blue jelly base filled with silver metallic glitters that give it sort of a galaxy feel! From what I have read, it isn't like the original at all, as the original had a better formula and much smaller glitters.

I will say that the formula does suck a little. Haha. It's sort of thick and goopy and went on really streaky. I was able to get away with three coats, plus two coats of topcoat. I am in love with the end result and am totally willing to deal with the formula issues in order to wear it though!

Ok, this is a swap and I just went into full on review mode here! lol! Stacey did such a great job with my package! I LOVE IT! From the packaging to the candies and stickers to the polish! Nailed it! Thank you so much Stacey!

The person I was given was Ashley of Pugs and Pearls! If you want to see what I got her, as well as the swaps of all the other ladies, check out their links below!

Stacey: Polishedways / Jennifer: Polished Pony / Alison: Asmithlovesbeauty / Sylvia: Helluva Nails
Rita: Rita Dallaway / Kristin: Kristin Johnson / Juanita: BonitaJuanita / Ashley: PugsandPearls


  1. Yay! Jen I'm so glad you loved it. Thank you so much for participating, and stary stary night looks amazing on you. Love you big time

  2. Very pretty swatch of that polish! Wish the formal was better! Thanks again Jennifer for my beautiful polish!

    1. Thank you! And I'm so happy you love yours as well!

  3. I think it is indeed pretty but I wish that they had used the smaller glitters instead. What an adorable box you got!

    1. I do to! I think I would definitely prefer smaller ones! I still love it though!

  4. Loved this.. Stacey is such a doll! Hope you had a Happy Valentin'e Day and I hope you have many many chances to rock your new polish!

  5. I love swaps so much! I am a fan of this polish but I haven't worn mine yet.