Monday, January 11, 2016

Jolie Polish - Flock of a Feather Collection, One Helluva Holo & Jumbo Square Stamper (swatches and review)

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Hi guys! Today I have Jolie Polish's newest collection Flock of a Feather! It consists of seven amazing stamping polishes! I also have a few other new items from Bory that are awesome as well!

Lets check it all out!

All swatches were stamped over Vapid Lacquer's Pessimist and OPI's Angel with a Leadfoot using plates from UberChic Beauty.

Pink Robin is inspired by the male pink robin's belly color. It's gorgeous! Sort of a bright magenta! It takes on a bit of a purple hue when stamped over black, but is super vibrant over white!

Amazon Green is inspired by the Amazon Green Parrot. Specifically the color of their feathers above the beak and tip of the tail. This one looks great and is super pigmented over both black and white.

African Grey is inspired by the African Grey Parrot. This one also stamps well over both black and white.

Purple Wren Fairy is inspired by the Purple Corn Wren Fairy, specifically the color of the feathers on top of its head. I seriously want one of these birds; is it not the cutest thing ever!? This one stamps great over both black and white. Over the black it is a deeper toned purple and over white it is more vibrant.

Hyacinth Blue is inspired by the Hyacinth Blue Macaw! Gorgeous! This baby is super vibrant over both black and white.

Yellow Canary is inspired by, well....the Yellow Canary! This one also stamps well over both black and white, though it's more vibrant over the white.

Flamingo Pink is inspired by Pink Flamingos! This definitely looks best over white, but still stamps really well over black.

The Flock of a Feather Collection will be available in Bory's shop at the end of this month, so keep a look out for it!

Now onto the show stopper of all the polishes, This is One Helluva Holo and is a super opaque, mega holo stamping polish! This isn't thick at all and works great as a one coater polish too. Indoors this appears to be a silver polish, with a a hint of holo. In the sun it screams RAINBOWS! Haha!

Direct Sunlight

Direct Sunlight

Bory also provided me with her Giant Sticky Rectangular Stamper! It's awesome! It didn't need to be primed at all and is really squishy! I like that if you have average to shorter nails, you could pick up an image from a buffet type plate and stamp all your nails on one hand in one swoop! I used it for all of my swatches above too! Worked perfectly and is a very welcomed addition to my stamper collection!

Below are comparisons between the Giant Rectangular Stamper, The Creative Shop Stamper and the Winstonia XL Double Ended Stamper

Last but not least, I wanted to show you all that every polish shown above can be used for water marbling. Now, I am no water marbler. I rarely try, because it generally ends up with me just making a mess and frustrating myself...haha! I gave it my best shot here and was pretty pleased with the outcome, considering I suck at it. I started with a white base, so every place you see the white, is where I used Bory's Clarity, which is a clear polish made for water marbling. I felt some colors spread better than others, but then again I am very much a beginner, so it could've just been me. (Since I am new to this, I have a really hard time making designs, so I knew there was no way of me do the same design for each finger. Instead, after about 20 tries, I kept the best 4 on my nails to show you...don't laugh!)

Well I loved it all! The stamping polishes, the stamper and the clear water marbling polish! I was most excited about the stamping polishes! The only creme type stamping polishes I own are Mundo de Unas and while they stamp beautifully, they also smell pretty strong. I did not notice any abnormally strong odor from these at all!

One Helluva Holo is available for preorder now and the other polishes will be available in Jolie Polish's shop at the end of this month. Be sure to follow them on social media for exact release info!
Thanks for reading!


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  3. Holy wow Amazon green is amazing over black!

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  5. These are amazing! Def makes me tempted to give this brand another try.