Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top 15 Nail Polishes of 2015

Hi guys! As this year comes to an end, I decided that I wanted to jump on the wagon and share my top 15 polishes of 2015 with you! Take a look and let me know if we have any favorites in common!

Glitter or Die - Ceu (The Sky Collection) is a super fun and gorgeous glitterbomb! It is filled with so many different colors of glitter that I can't even name them all. From teeny tiny, to large hexes...this has it all!  

Vapid Lacquer - Birthday Bitch  (LE Birthday Polish) - is a magnificent turquoise crelly filled with ultra chameleon chrome flakies that shift from a gorgeous pink to gold to green! So amazing!

Love Angeline - Red Wine  - (Let's Grab a Drink collection) is a deep red, matte polish with an intense flash of red sparks! A stunner for sure!

CDB Lacquer - String of Lights - (Holiday 2015 Collection)  it is a black jelly polish, filled with silver, fuchsia, green, orange, blue and red micro glitters! So beautiful and looks amazing matte and glossy!

Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer - Cabin Fever(Baby It's Cold Outside collection) its a gorgeous blackened plum holo with so much sparkle! It's really dark & vampy and has a fantastic formula!

Dollish Polish - The Girl with the Green Eyes -  (Cult Classic Series - 1st Installment), inspired by Lo Pan of the movie Big Trouble in Little China, is a cream crelly base filled with the traditional Chinese dragon matte shades of blue, green, red, yellow and orange hexes, as well as small white squares! Gorgeous! I love crellies with glitter! 

Littlenailgirl - Ooh La La Leslie -  (Oh What a Night Trio) a blackened burgundy, with a sparkly deep red shimmer running throughout that seriously looks like it glows! So beautiful and it is a ONE coater!

I,A.M...Custom Color  - Whiskey Bar - (Ashes Favs December Duo) is an amazing metallic gold holo with red and copper micro flakes and red to copper UCC flakies. It is divine! Like seriously! I did two coats here, but you can just about get away with one thicker coat. 

China Glaze - What's She Dune? - (Desert Escape Collection) is a wonderful, putty colored nude creme that just makes my heart happy! If you've been following me for any length of time, you know I love nudes as bases for not only glitter toppers, but fun nail art too! I wore this as the base for so many manis this year!

 Vapid Lacquer - Pun'kin Tumble - (Fall 2015 Collection) is my surprise favorite. I do not generally like at all. I think they make my skin look This is my perfect shade of orange and has opened my eyes to so many other orange shades! It is a red toned orange metallic that feels a little vampy! 

Pretty Woman - Pink Ceramic - (Ceramic Collection) is a gorgeous bright magenta with a hint of shimmer throughout! Wonderful formula; almost a thicker one coater! So bright and fun!

Glitter or Die - Spring Showers - (Dashing J's Collection) was my collaboration polish with Rosie, so of course it is one of my favs! Plus its a crelly glitter! It is a grey crelly with a mix of glitters in an array of colors, shapes and finishes. (baby blue, dark blue, green, yellow, purple, metallic, matte, hexes, circles, octagons! An assortment of beauty, just like a field of flowers. Rosie really matched the name to this polish perfectly!  It's totally like a field of wildflowers on a stormy day!

Eliana's Collection - Intoxicating - (Romantic Knights Collection) is a freaking amazing dark purple! This baby is majorly pigmented and the color is so damn sexy! One coater and it stamps! I used this in so many manis this year!

Ever After Polish - Baby It's Cold Outside - (Tis the Season Collection) is freaking amazing! It is a gorgeous blue holo filled that flashes a super cool green/gold color! This one is also filled with flakies! Great formula and looks amazing matte!

Vapid Lacquer - Garota de Ipanema - (Awesome Sauce Indie Box- Exotic Destinations) It is a neon-like purple creme with a gorgeous coppery shimmer throughout and a hint of scattered holo! It reminds me somewhat of a bright radiant orchid! It's got that perfect Vapid formula I have grown to love so much! (Now if you follow Vapid you know that Krys has recently discovered an issue with the pigment of this. It appears that one of the batches has faded to a bright pink. Still an absolutely gorgeous pink, but not what it was intended to look like. Krys took it upon herself to announce the issue and offer refunds to those affected. A+ in customer service and another reason Vapid has made it onto my list multiple times!

There you have it! It was really hard to narrow this list down to just 15 polishes! And everytime I'd go back through, I would start to feel guilty for not including something...haha! First world problems, I know, but I was worried about hurting the feelings of any brands not mentioned.

Let me know if any of these were your favorites or if you think I should have included
 something I didnt!

Happy New Year!


  1. Trying to narrow down a list isn't easy! I'm not familiar with several of these shades, so it gives me something else to check out in 2016!

  2. Oh! I really love Whiskey Bar! I love these lists too.

  3. Thnak so much for including us with these other great polishes!!! XOXOX

  4. Your Whiskey Bar looks gorgeous!