Thursday, November 26, 2015

Vapid Lacquer - Winter 2015 Collection (swatches and review)

**press sample**
Hi guys! Today I have the Winter 2015 Collection from Vapid Lacquer! It includes five amazing holiday inspired polishes! Two brand new creations and three from last year that have been revamped and are even better than the originals!

Let's take a look!

Happy Freaking New Year 2015 is what happens when two different metallic bases come together to create an amazing polish! This is then filled with hyper holo silver micro glitter and silver holo micro flakies! So freaking sparkly! For my photos I did two coats plus topcoat. Because this is metallic and they tend to be a little brush strokey, you will want to be careful with application.

Ugly Sweater 2015 is a green jelly base loaded with so many different fun glitters! Red and silver holo stars, multicolored crystal glitters, matte hexes and a touch of micro shimmer! Only difference between this year's version is the addition of the red star and crystal glitters. This one is also a slightly different tone of green. Still just as fun and obnoxiously amazing as last year's! I think the phrase "Christmas Vomit" describes it perfectly! Here I did three thin coats. You can still see my nail line a bit, so if that bothers you, you could always layer it over a similar colored creme.

In Vain.....oh...what can I say?  It is that perfect red holo, that doesn't lean pink. Definitely a perfect Holiday Red! Here I did two coats. It is almost opaque in just one, but the second coat really deepened the color to match the bottle! This is the result of Krys trying to recreate Santa Baby from last year. While they are similar, they are still certainly different enough to need both!

Snow Fox is a white holo shimmering crelly base and filled with gold-bronze-silver ultra chrome flakies! Amazing! This one is cool because you could totally do one coat and it would have a super feminine look; being slightly creamy looking with a little sparkle. This builds up really nicely though and was completely opaque for me in three thin coats. You may get away with two depending on your application!

Black Friday 2015 is absolutely gorgeous! Do you see it?! It starts off the same as last year's version, black holo, but this year Krys made some additions that are awesome! Not only is it a black holo, but it is now loaded with gold-bronze-silver ultra chrome flakies and it's freaking THERMAL! In it's warm state it is a beautiful silvery, holo, flakie filled color and in it's cold state it is that killer black holo that we all loved last year, but with flakies! I'm in love! For my photos I did three thin coats, but two is definitely enough. Since it is thermal it kept getting light on my nail bed, so I kept applying it to make sure it was covered well enough. I went overboard..haha!

Available in Vapid's shop Black Friday, November 27th at 5am CST! If you miss any this round, don't worry because they will be restocked next month!
Thanks for reading!