Friday, November 6, 2015

Vapid Lacquer - Fall 2015 Collection (swatches and review)

**press sample**
Hi guys! Happy Friday! Today I have Vapid's Fall 2015 Collection to share with you! I received these right before the release a couple weeks ago, but they sold out so quickly, that I decided to hold off sharing them until I knew when the restock would be. By the way, it's TOMORROW!

Lets jump right in!

Sweaters n' Denim is definitely the favorite of the masses! There have been people all over the nail community searching for decants of this baby; and with good's gorgeous! This is a thermal polish that is a denim blue when cold and a coppery nude when warm. It is also filled to the max with copper shimmer that glows in both the cold and warm states. For my photos I did just two coats plus topcoat! (In my photos the color is more accurate in the full hand shot. For some reason, my macro kept coming out very muted)

Candy Apple Bobbing is a candy red metallic polish filled with metallic flakies! Gorgeous! I also noticed a bit of a magenta flash to it; very subtle, but it's there. This one was also two coats plus topcoat. If you do thinner coats, you will likely want to add a third.

Pun'kin Tumble is my surprise favorite of the collection. I do not generally like oranges at all. I think they make my skin look This is my perfect shade of orange! It is a red toned orange metallic that feels a little vampy! Because of it's smooth metallic finish, it can be a tad brush strokey if you're not careful. If you suffer from "bruish-stroke-atosis",  (Idk, I watch too much Doc McStuffins with my son..lmao!), you can always sponge on your final coat. For my photos I did two coats plus topcoat!

Campfire is another crowd favorite! It is a mid-tone gray crelly/creme base that is completely packed full of ultra chameleon chrome flakies, as well as coppery gold ultra fine shimmer! It is amazing and sparkles and glows like crazy! It really does remind you of a campfire! Here I did two coats plus topcoat!

I am in love! This collection includes everything I love about this time of year! I received minis to review and loved them so much, that I purchased full sizes at the earlier release! I missed out on a full size Sweaters n' Denim, so I plan to try and snag one at the restock! As I mentioned, these will be restocked, along with a lot of other colors, on Saturday, November 7th at 12pm Noon  CST (1pm EST / 11am MST / 10am PST) If you are international, you can use this time zone converter to help you

Thanks for reading!


  1. I am so desperate to get my fingers under Sweaters 'N Denim!

  2. Candy Apple Bobbing..why are you not on my shelf yet? Its so pretty! :)

  3. Sweaters n' Denim is amazing! Holy cow!

  4. Sweaters n' Demin speaks to me on a level that only thermals can. Also Campfire looks amazing in the macro!

  5. Sweaters and Denim is awesome but Campfire captured my heart.

  6. I am so happy that someone was able to grab a bottle of Sweaters n' Denim for me! I can't wait to get it!

  7. Sweaters n' Denim is freaking gorgeous! I definitely want to nab it when I get a chance.