Friday, November 20, 2015

China Glaze - Cheers! Holiday 2015 Collection (swatches and review)

**press sample**
Hi guys! Today I have the China Glaze "Cheers!" Holiday Collection to share with you! As always, the collection includes 12 polishes, with various finishes! Lets jump right in...this is a good collection!

Mix and Mingle is a cool toned medium purple crelly/creme! Not sheer like a jelly, but not opaque like a creme. For my photos I did three thin coats plus topcoat You may get away with just two coats, depending on your application. It's formula was really great, but is on the thin side, so beware of possible cuticle flooding..

Son of a Nutcracker is a corally pink/red creme with some coral shimmer throughout! Ok, I may have the color description totally! In the bottle next to other reds, it definitely appears more coral, but once I had it on and was photographing it, it looked more red. I guess sometimes color is all up to the person looking at it. For my photos I did two coats plus topcoat.

Don't Get Elfed Up is a deep, dark shimmery teal with multichrome  that shifts from teal to blue to purple. I personally only really noticed the multichrome under direct lights and certain angles. For me it stayed mainly dark teal, with a hint of a navy shift.  I think it all depends on the curvature of your nails; in the bottle you can definitely see the purple. For my photos I did two coats plus topcoat.

Peppermint to Be is a deep cranberry red with a red shimmery finish with flecks of gold throughout. This had a wonderful formula and needed just one thicker coat or two thinner coats to be opaque.

Wine Down for What? is a dark brown toned burgundy creme and is one of my favorite shades of red. Another great formula needing only two coats plus topcoat. Again be careful of cuticle flooding.

Break the Ice is a clear jelly base filled with silver holo shard glitters. This was a little base heavy, but not too bad. I don't think this could be opaque on its own either, unless you sponged on many, many coats. Here I did one coat over S'More Fun plus topcoat.

Better Not Pout is a beautiful, shimmery berry. Perfect for those who don't love the classic holiday red, but still want a pop of color! This one can be a tad brush strokey, so you'll want to be careful with application. Again I did just two coats, plus topcoat

Bring on the Bubbly is a clear jelly base filled with various sized golden holo hex glitters. not as base heavy as Break the Ice and went on evenly with no dabbing. Here I did one coat over Change Your Altitude. As with the other topper, I'm not so sure this could be opaque on its own.

Brand Sparkin' New Year is a purple jelly base loaded with purple (maybe silver) metallic hex glitters and a fine silver micro glitter. Here I did three thin coats for that squishy jelly look, but you could also do one coat over a similarly colored creme.

Coal Hands Warm Hearts is a black jelly base filled with silver holo hex glitters in various sizes. Another one of those perfect galaxy in a bottle polishes. Here I did  just two normal coats with the second being a tad thicker. This would also be a great candidate for layering over a black creme.

I Soiree I Didn't Do It is a teal jelly base filled with teal metallic and silver micro glitters. This definitely gives more of that microglitter look, as opposed to the jelly squishyness. Here I did three coats plus topcoat.

Ugly Sweater Party is a pink/cranberry jelly base filled with pink metallic glitters and silver micro glitter. Another wonderfully squishy glitter mix! I did just three coats plus topcoat!

I have to say I am really digging this entire collection! There is a great selection of formulas; cremes, glitters and jellies/glitters. I am generally a creme girl all the way, but i think they did a really great job with the jelly glitters!

The China Glaze Cheers! Holiday 2015 Collection was released on November 1st  and is available wherever China Glaze is sold. (including Sally's and Ulta)


  1. Woo! I love that China Glaze hopped up on the multichrome train. That is a fantastic color.

  2. Beautiful! I have these to wear, and I am especially excited about the squishy jelly/glitters!

  3. amazing collection, I need Brand Sparkin' New Year!!!

  4. I love dont get elfed up! And that name makes me giggle too.