Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I,A.M...CustomColor - Ashes Favorites September and October (swatches and review)

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Hi guys! Today I have the September and October Duos for Ashes' Favorites from I,A.M...CustomColor! Lets jump right in! (Ashlie's notes are in italic)

September Duos

Y.Y.T. - This Lavender leaning Periwinkle Holo with Holo Micro Glitters and Micro Shards and blue sparks was inspired by the SF Ballet dancer Yuanyuan Tan. You can read more on her here-
You can see a short interview with her here-
She is a gorgeous dancer that I am always enthralled watching and her resident company is rather close to home for me. I am blessed to live near such an amazing ballet company!

Such a beautiful and soft shade, yet still very Fall-like! YYT had a great formula that needed just two coats plus topcoat! I feel my photos came of a tad more blue than it really is. It definitely has more of that periwinkle/lavender tone to it in real life.

Heads Will Roll-   This gorgeous Black holo with gold shimmer, sparks, flakies and gold holo micro glitter will blow you away. All I can think of is Cleopatra! This polish was inspired by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song Heads Will Roll. I absolutely love this song. You can hear and watch the video here-

Gorgeous! Is it black or is it brown?! It is definitely black, but the gold shimmer really gives it a bit of a golden brown feel that is so beautiful! Again for these photos I did two coats plus topcoat!

This duo comes with a Caramel Apple type scented Lotion Bar in Skull, Crossbone or Tiki head shaped.

October Duo-

Denishawn- This Black Holo with purple sparks, Micro Flakies and shimmer is super gorgeous and ultra holo! It is inspired by Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn whom created a Modern Ballet Style that has helped influence my own personal dance style. This is the beginnings of what will become contemporary Dance like one would find on So You Think You Can Dance. I thought no better way to honor them than to salute them with Polish! You can read more about them here-
Since they predate a lot of film, here is a current dancer performing one of Ruth St. Denis' dances-

Looove! I have a secret love affair with black holos and this one is amazing! It would be beautiful on it's own, but those purple sparkles and flakies really give it an extra punch of beauty! Here I did two coats, plus topcoat!

Wilder Wein-  This is a Green to Purple UCC Flakie Topper with silver Holo Micro Glitters and Shreds. This polish is the green cousin to 3 Lil' Birds. This polish is totally me. I love Green and Purple and the polish is inspired by Rammstein's Wilder Wein- You can hear it here- This is a song they only ever performed Live. This song is eerie and heartfelt. Rammstein use to be one of my favorite bands, they still are for the nostalgia.They put on amazing stage shows. I am also a German Major and Industrial Rock is one of my favorite Genres. All around, it means a lot to me!

If you are a lover of flakie toppers, you must have this! I'm not sure it can be opaque on its own, but should you try, I would suggest sponging it on. For my photos I did just one coat over Vapid Lacquer's Pessimist (black)! So gorgeous! 

This duo comes with a Caramel Apple Type Brain shaped Ultra Hydrating Fizz.

Amazing duos as usual! Ashlie never disappoints with these and I'm always excited to see what she'll create next! Both of the duos are still available in her shop as a Pre-Order! Check out I,A.M...CustomColor at the links below!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Love them all! Wouldn't know which to pick as a fav

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  4. Such gorgeous swatches. This post definitely made me realize how much I've missed seeing your nails <3

  5. so lovely. I am a sucker for those periwinkle shades.

  6. Wilder Wein is just to die for, very unique!

  7. These macros are amazing. I don't even know which polish is my favorite- I love them all.

  8. Y.T.Y. and Wilder Wein are both so gorgeous!!

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