Monday, June 29, 2015

Lorelei Lacquer - Neon Sunset Collection & Forever Alone LE Duo (swatches and review)

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HI guys! Today I have the two newest collections from Lorelei Lacquer to share with you! For those that don't know, Lorelei Lacquer is owned and operated by the lovely Jeanine out of Illinois! The Neon Sunset Collection consists of nine polishes; mainly holos and glitter crellies!  The Forever Alone LE Duo includes a holo and a glitter topper!

Lorelei Lacquer

The Neon Sunset Collection

Aruba is gorgeous blue/green holo! Great formula that was opaque in just two coats. This could actually be a one coater, as the formula is just a tad on the thick side, but it is extremely opaque and covers almost completely in one coat.

Jamaica is a beautiful golden yellow holo! Yellow is not generally my cup of tea, but this has sort of a "Dijon mustard" quality to it that gives it a slight brown undertone (not in a gross way, but you get what I mean I hope). This kind of yellow really suites my skin tone well I think. Jamaica was opaque in three thin coats. Again this formula is really opaque, so its a little more on the thick side, but not in a bad way.

I Wanna Take You is a fantastic white crelly filled with turquoise and teal matte glitters, as well as magenta metallic flakes! I loooove this one so much! For some reason it instantly made me think of wild flowers! This one was also opaque in three thin coats. You may be able to get away with just two if you make the second coat a bit thicker.

Bermuda is a gorgeous royal "blurple" holo! My photographs came off a bit more on the blue side, but this baby is definitely that perfect blue/purple mix! Another super opaque formula needing just two coats!

Bahama is a super pretty coral holo! This is really a great true coral shade. It's not really pink or orange, but that beautiful, almost salmon color. Another two coats!

Pretty Mama is a pale pink crelly filled with blue and purple matte glitters, along with a pink and almost iridescent blue microflake shimmer throughout. I love this one! So soft...I also did not use topcoat for my photo because it also dried to a really smooth shiny finish! You can really do just two coats and it will be completely opaque, but I did three just to be sure!

Key Largo is a beautiful goldenrod holo! Its sort of like a yellow toned orange, but the holo gives it that golden effect! For this one I did three thin coats, plus topcoat

Montego is a really amazing radiant orchid holo! So so beautiful! This has the same thicker formula and glided on super smooth! It was opaque for me in two coats!

Kokomo is absolutely gorgeous! It appears to be a creamy brown holo, but it has this beautiful bronze-y flash and teeny tiny purpley/pink flecks! Such a pretty combo! This one was also just two coats.

Forever Alone LE Duo

Lorelei's Tears is sort of a pastel aqua with the most beautiful golden holo shimmer throughout! Another wonderful formula needing just two coats plus topcoat!

Faithless Lover is a  clear jelly base (with a very faint pink hue) filled with copper, fuchsia and light pink glitters ranging from micro to small/medium hexes. This is really meant to be a topper, but I was able to get it pretty opaque on its own in three thicker coats; as seen on my pinky. For all the other nails, I did 1 coat over OPI My Vampire is Buff.

Lastly I have the newly reformulated BMO 2.0. I missed out on this previously, but it appears Jeanine had an issue with some bleeding colors previously. That has all been taken care of and she is now re-releasing it! It is so beautiful! It's a turquoise crelly filled with hot pink, yellow and blue matte glitters, as well as metallic green flakies. Love! This was opaque for me in three thin coats!

I honestly loved every single polish! While the holos tend to be a tad on the thick side, it really does contribute to the polishes being so opaque! Please know that when I say thick, I don't mean like a goopy, thick polish. They are still perfectly creme and apply wonderfully!

Both collections are available in Jeanine's shop now, as well as BMO 2.0 ($5 mini / $9 full size); but keep in mind that the Forever Alone LE Duo will only be available for the months of June and July and are $20.00! The Neon Sunset Collection prices are as follow: $5-$6 for minis / $9-$10 for Full Size. Full Collections: $50.00 for mini and $80.00 for full sized!

Oh...I almost forgot! You can use code Mama10 at checkout for 10% Off your purchase! Follow Lorelei Lacquer at the links below!

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  1. Ooooh- I really like the glitters! Especially BMO 2.0, Pretty Mama, and I Wanna Take You. This is going to get the song stuck in my head all day!

  2. I just love this entire collection. Great colours.

  3. So many great polishes for holo creme lovers here!

  4. Gorgeous colours! I was humming the Beach Boys song as I was going through and noticed all the names. LOL!

  5. What a gorgeous collection. Aruba is beautiful.

  6. I just got done swatching these! Aren't they fantastic?! They are all so beautiful on you!

  7. This looks like a great collection! I really like Kokomo and Faithless Lover. I wonder how they would look together?

    1. Kokomo is to die for! I bet those two would look great together!

  8. I Wanna Take You and BMO are freaking amazing! This looks like such a great collection, your swatches especially the macros really sold me.

  9. This is a nice collection, it has a great mix of colors and glitters =)