Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jolie Polish - Stamping Polishes (swatches and review)

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Hi guys! Today I have some new stamping polishes from Bory at Jolie Polish to share with you! Nine beautiful polishes in all! I did not do single swatches of each polish, but instead chose to do five mani designs to show you how they appear over light, dark and nude bases! I hope you love them!

Shown: Light Gold (left) and the Eight Piece Set (right)

For the first mani, I stamped with Baby Hulk Green, Dahlia Orange Cream, Golden Yellow Flower and Turquoise Blue Flower over China Glaze What's She Dune? (nude) and OPI Angel with a Leadfoot (white) using two plates form UberChic Beauty; topped with Simply Quick from Bliss Kiss.

Here I stamped with Brick Red Cushion Flower, Banana Leaf Green and Blue Lagoon, over Glitter or Die's Spier using two plates from UberChic Beauty; then I topped it with Revlon Matte Topcoat.

For this mani, I stamped with Purpleberry Flower and Light Gold over Eliana's Collection Funky Party using an UberChic Beauty plate, then topped it with HK Girl from Glisten and Glow.

This one turned out so awesome! (didn't mean to toot my own horn, but hey...) I did a gradient stamp with Blue Lagoon, Turquoise Blue Flower and Baby Hulk Green using an UberChic Beauty plate and topped it with Revlon Matte Topcoat!

My last mani is a simple one! I used Turquoise Blue Flower over China Glaze Rain Dance the Night Away for a bit of a monochromatic look! Topped with Simply Quick from Bliss Kiss!

I loved these stamping polishes! I found that they dry a lot faster than say, Mundo de Unas, but they still give you plenty of time to work at a good pace. I'd say I'm probably middle of the road as far as stamping speed, but I still had enough time to position each design before stamping it on. I will note that some of the polishes picked up better with different stampers; I find this to be pretty typical with pretty much all of the stamping polishes I own though.  I went back and forth between my Creative Shop Stamper and my Winstonia XL Double Ended Stamper.

I really love the array of colors and the metallic finish of each one too! Can't wait to use these more!

These are available for Pre-Order in Bory's shop now! The official release of them will be happening sometime next week, so be sure to follow Jolie Polish for more information. Currently the pre-order prices are as follows: 8 piece / 15ml set $48.00 or the 8 piece /  7ml set $28.00

Thanks for reading!


  1. These are fabulous stamping swatches!!

  2. Really beautiful manicures! They show off the polishes wonderfully. :)

  3. Beautiful stamping! I've been getting into stamping lately myself, and I definitely need to add to my stamping polish collection!

  4. Can't pick a fav, love what you did with these stamping polishes!

  5. Definitely need to pick up this set! You manis are so rocking it hard. I need better stamping polishes in my life.

  6. Wowza! I loved every mani you did with these. Nice to know of another indie stamping line.

  7. ummm wow! These all stamped so well and Im drooling over that first manicure.

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  9. Love the these!! The color combos are great!!

  10. I love seeing these stamping polishes in action, and your color combinations are so gorgeous. Fantastic stamping!

  11. I love what you did with each of these!!!! The combinations are beautiful!!