Saturday, May 23, 2015

10.1 Polish - Studio 54 Collection (swatches and review)

Hi guys! Today I have the newest collection from Kelly of 10.1 Polish! The Studio 54 Collection includes six holographic polishes!

Disco Ball is a silver holo polish with a touch of white! So pretty! This one has the sheerest formula of them, but was still opaque enough to have full coverage in just two coats! You can still see just a hint of my nail line, so if that bothers you, you could add one more thin coat

Night Fever is a gorgeous black holo polish with the most beautiful holo rainbow! My photos are taken under my Ottlite and even that shows the rainbow-y goodness! Just imagine how much more amazing this is in direct sunlight! again this one was just two coats plus topcoat, though you may be able to get away with just one thicker coat.

Brick House is a strawberry, red holo polish! This one was also almost opaque in one coat, but I feel two coats were perfect! Anybody else keep singing "She's a Brick...Hooouuse"? Haha!

Boogie Shoes (OMG I love this name!) is a purple holo with a bit of a duochrome effect. You can see if best in the macro, but this baby has not only some purple tones, but also a deep blue! This one was also two coats plus topcoat!

It's Raining Men is an icy blue holo and it's gorgeous! Another two coat beauty! "It's raining men...hallelujah!"

Funky Town is a gorgeous green holo! I will wear this if anyone ever takes me to Funky Town! Hmm..I wonder if that is a real place?! Again this was just two coats plus topcoat!

Love this collection! It's not the typical collection you'd see for summer, but I still love it! I'm not always into the crazy bright neon and sometimes want something, bright, yet still a little subdued. These are perfect for that!

The Studio 54 Collection was released in 10.1 Polish's shop this past Monday, so it is available now! If you decided to pick any up, you can use code LACQUEREDMAMA for 10.1% of your purchase!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Intriguing collection, It's Raining Men looks super pretty!

    1. It is a great collection! That one is so pretty

    2. It is a great collection! That one is so pretty

  2. These are super pretty. Boogie Shoes is my fav!

  3. Loved that one too! I like that it looked a bit blue in certain lights

  4. I have never heard of this brand! I am usually all about the purples and blues, but I am loving the green...Funky Town! The names make it 100x better! LOL! Great job!

  5. Love Night Fever! You can never go wrong with a black holo!

  6. Love night fever and it's raining men!

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