Thursday, April 30, 2015

Love, Angeline - Meet Me at the Tea Salon collection (swatches and review)

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Hi guys! Today I have a new amazing matte collection from Love, Angeline to share with you! This time, inst4ead of matte pastels, Natosha has created gorgeous matte neons! Yippeee!

Love, Angeline

Let's jump right in!

Ammacarre is a yellow matte with sorta of a golden shimmer running throughout! In the land of yellow polish, this one is really pretty! Not a huge fan of yellow, but I really liked this one! Here I did three coats with no topcoat!

Piped Pistachio is a matte green filled with green and aqua shimmers! So beautiful! This one reminds me of the color of fresh cut! Wonderful formula needing just two coats, no topcoat!

Cloudy Delights is a turquoise green matte with an aqua and coppery shimmer throughout! Ahhh..mazing! So gorgeous and is one of my favs! Again, I did just two coats with no topcoat!

Blueberry Panache is sort of a periwinkle blue matte with purple and blue shimmers! Another perfect formula needing just two coats with no topcoat!

Nourriture a la Mode is a neon purple matte filled with pink shimmers! This one is kind of a pink leaning purple, but when you look at it next to the pink in the collection, you can definitely see the difference. So so pretty! Another two coat beauty!

Amuse Bouches is a pink matte filled with pink shimmers that almost appear blue/silvery in the sunlight! I'm really a broken record in this post, but again this had a wonderful formula and was just two coats with no topcoat!

Pates de Fruits is a neon coral matte filled with multi colored shimmer that look pink and golden (at least to This is so bright! Perfect summertime pedicure color in my opinion! Here I did two coats with no topcoat, though this one is almost on the edge of being a one coater!

Haughty Taughty is a black matte filled with multi colored shimmers that really look silvery, pink and aqua! Gah-or-geous! Super pretty and this one was almost a one coater! If I had done a thicker coat, I could have definitely gotten away with just one, but for my photos I did two thin coats with no topcoat!

Love this collection! These aren't the eye-searing neons you see a lot of brands releasing, but they are neon nonetheless. I really love the addition of the shimmers to each color and like how it gives the polishes a bit of depth! I did not take swatch photos with a glossy topcoat, but trust  me...they are even more magnificent glossy! It really brings out the shimmers and gives each polish a "glowing" effect!

The Meet Me at the Tea Salon collection will be available in Love, Angeline's shop on Friday, May 1st at 9:00 MST! Be sure to follow them at the links below for additional information!

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