Saturday, March 14, 2015

Nail Hoot - The Beginning (swatches and review)

**press sample**

Hi guys! Today I have a brand spankin new indie brand to share with you! Nail Hoot is owned and operated by the super sweet Brandie out of St. Louis, MO. I was following her on Instagram before she became Nail Hoot; as she is also known as Collins Family Custom Crafts! She creates one of a kind jewelry using nail polish in her designs! Brandie has been making the jewelry side of the business for about a year! Beautiful stuff! (You can check the jewelry out here)

Brandie has expanded and is now creating a 5-Free nail lacquers! Yippee! Lets jump right in...

Nail Hoots' very first collection is called The Beginning and each polish is named for the first five books in the Bible...

Genesis is an amazing teal jelly base filled with teal/blue micro shimmer and teeny golden micro glitters and hints of purple! A two coat beauty! Man..this one is sparkley!

Exodus is a gorgeous lime green jelly polish, with a touch of golden shimmer and a slight metallic finish! Absolutely beautiful and perfect for spring! Reminds me of green apples and  "baby grass', when it is just starting to grow and it has those pale green tones to it.. Great formula needing just three coats plus topcoat! As with most metallics, it was a bit streaky, but if you sponge on the second and even a third coat, it should smooth it out just fine; keep in mind this may be operator error as well and you may not have a problem at all!

Leviticus is an amazing multirchrome jelly! It changes from reds to oranges and to a slight pink tone (totally reminiscent of the sunset!) and has sparkles of silver micro glitter throughout! So beautiful! It also has a bit of a microshimmer/glitter mixed in that really sparkles! This one was a pain in my butt to photograph..haha! It kept looking just red in my pics. Finally, for the last photo, I took myself outside and into the shade to get the best color accuracy shot for you all. Isn't it pretty?! Again this was just two coats, plus topcoat!

Numbers is a lovely pink jelly filled with a lighter, almost frosty pink micro shimmer! It also has a bit of a metallic look to it! This is another I feel I should have sponged on, as I am horrible with these kinds of finishes. Either way, it is a lovely, springy color!

Deuteronomy is a gorgeous blue-toned purple jelly with multicolored micro glitter mixed in and a super glowy blue shimmer throughout that makes the polish glow blue at certain angles! Another two coats plus topcoat!

I really liked all the polishes! I had issues with streaking for two of them, but I feel that is due to my own application. Gorgeous Colors! Pretty Sparkles! Great Formulas!

There is no set "release date', but you can pre-order this collection now in Nail Hoot's shop. All pre-orders will be shipped no later than March 14th. Each polish will be made in limited supply, so if you're interested you may wanted to get a move on it!

Be sure to check Nail Hoot out for yourself at the links below!

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  1. Would one need to use the UV lamp to set these jellies?

    1. No not at all. Just let each layer dry before applying another