Friday, March 6, 2015

I,A.M...CustomColor - Ashes' Favorites March & April (swatches and review)

Hi guys! Today I have another round of fun polishes from Ashes' Favorites Monthly Duos! These were created by Ashlie, owner of I,A.M...CustomColor Cosmetics and Lacquer. Each month she creates a polish inspired by one of her favorite singers and one of her favorite dancers! Let's see what she chose for the upcoming months...

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March Duo

 Светлана is a gorgeous neon pink jelly filled with rainbow micro flakies, that primarily shift in colors of purple and pink. It is so gorgeous and had an amazing formula! For complete opacity I did two coats, plus topcoat! The flakies give it an awesome "inner glow" effect that is beautiful!

Note from Ashlie:
Inspired by Svetlana Zakharova, a Russian Trained Prima Ballerina. She has amazing extensions and so I thought a Jelly would be great. 

While I love watching her dance, this is one of my favorite scenes with her in it-

Phenomenon is a neon purple jelly with contrasting blue shimmers! The glow in this one is so gorgeous! I wanted to give you a correct glimpse at it, so I had to adjust the picture a little for the polish to appear as it does in real life. As you know, most purples photograph really blue. This is why my skin looks a tad green..haha! Another perfect formula! If you're careful, you could totally get away with one thicker coat. For my photos I did two coats, plus topcoat!

Note from Ashlie:

It is inspired by a Yeah Yeah Yeah's song "Phenomena" which you can see and hear here- . I really like this band and this song is one of my faves from this album.  

April Duo

The Marie is a matte pastel glitter bomb, in addition to a mix of iridescent glitters! Such a lovely glitter mix. This one definitely puts you in the mood for Spring and Easter! It has shades of pastel pink, lavender, blue and white with a fun mix of cirles, sqaures, hexes, hearts and flowers. The only glitter I had a time getting out of the bottle was the hearts and flowers; otherwise there was no fishing needed. For my photos I did two coats over OPI Taupe-less Beach!

Note from Ashlie:

This is dedicated to Marie Taglioni, one of the first noted ballet dancers to go on pointe and also to standardize the shorter Romantic era tutu. Previous to her, women were dancing in floor length heavy starched garments and corsets. She was also said to be a virtuosa of her time. 

You can read more about here-, unfortunately she proceeds film and common photography, there are only illustrations of Marie in her prime.

Come Around is a gorgeous neon spearmint, green creme with gold glitters and flakes. I dpn't know what it is, but green polish has really been growing on me lately. I have aquired a good sized collection of them! This one is beautiful! Great creme formula that is opaque in two coats, and the gold flakies and glitters just give that little extra ooompf!

Note from Ashlie:

A song by MIA and Timberland. I've always really liked this song and I think MIA is weird as $#!%. Lol. The song can be heard here- 

Both the March and April Duos will be available in Ashlie's shop on Saturday, March 7th!
Be sure to check her out at the links below for more information on these and upcoming collections!

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  1. That glitter bomb is AMAZING. I love it! I also love all of her flakie usage - there are never enough flakies! I've never heard of this brand but I'll definitely have to check it out. :)

    1. It's gorgeous and so springy! I love this brand! She makes great polish!