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ÜberChic Beauty - Stamping Plates (review)

Hi guys! Today I am very excited to share a new company with you that creates, not only amazing stamping plates, but some other fun nail art products! UberChic Beauty is owned by the lovely Brittany of Colorado! (even more exciting because I'm in Colorado!) I love working with local companies!
UberChic Beauty

As you may know, my Nail related New Year's Resolution was to master all things stamping! I can do basic stamping, but really want to delve into the world of the advanced and lead lighting techniques! Now, I am still practicing so there is not any real advanced type stamping done here today. However, to do any kind of stamping,  I have found that a great plate is an important first step!

I received all 3 stamping plates included in Collection 1, as well as a Magic Dust and business card scraper; they are amazing!

Plate 1-01

Plate 1-02

Plate 1-03

And here are some looks I created using them! Please keep in mind, that I am still learning how to perfect my stamping application. You'll see some lines here and there that appear "blown out"; this is not a reflection of the plates themselves, but on me..haha!

For this look, I did one coat of China Glaze I'd Melt for You, then stamped the flower image from plate 1-02 using Muno de Unas Reddish and my Winstonia XL Double Ended Squishy Stamper. Topped with HK Girl topcoat.

Here I used wHet Nails Nefarious and OPI You're So Vain-illa as my bases. I then stamped the tribal images, from plate 1-03, directly onto my index and middle using Mundo de Unas White. For the ring nail, I made a decal by stamping the image onto the stamper, letting it dry and applying Nefarious and HK Girl topcoat. Once it was all dry I removed it from the stamper, cut away the excess and applied it onto my nail and topped it with more topcoat!

For this one, I used Zoya Veronica as my base, then sponged on a little of Believe by Joshik Polish. I stamped the criss cross design from plate 1-01 using Mundo de Unas Black; then the small rose design from plate 1-02 using Mundo de Unas White. Topped with HK Girl topcoat.

Here I did a base of Zoya Ryan and then dry brushed on Virtuous Polish Temperance! I stamped the design from plate 1-01 using Mundo de Unas White and topped it with Eliana's Collection's Matte Finish topcoat!

I really loved these plates. I own plates from Pueen, Winstonia, MoYou, etc. and these can definitely rival, and even top some of them! They are made of quality material, a good size and lay flat for easy storage. The metal finish was completely flawless, with no visible scratches. Each design appeared to be etched well. Deep enough to hold enough polish to stamp, but not so deep that you're left with too much. Because there are some very detailed designs on the plates, I found that as I was cleaning them, my cotton would snag a bit, but I just did a quick swipe using my finger and it came right off. This is pretty common though and not a reflection of the plates themelves.

Plate Specifications:
-Each plate is 9.5cm by 14.5cm and eaxch plate includes coordinating single images down the center.
-the designs are 17x21mm and are built to cover large nails, but are crafted to nbot be so overwhelming that you can't see the image on even small nails.
-each plate comes with a PVC Sticker on the back to ensure you won't get cut; plus, its takes up less room than a chunky plastic backing and paint won't get stuck in the crevises.

-the plates are 3 for $24.99 with flat rate shipping of $5.99 for US and $15 for international (they are in the process of working to lower this)

Definitely a purchase any stamping lover needs to make! do I talk hubby into buying me Collection 2? Muahaha!

Brittany also sent me the Magic Dust in Atlantis!

It's so pretty and really easy to use. I first put on a base of Vapid Lacquer's Pessimist (black), then mixed a little Magic Dust into some topcoat on a piece of foil and brushed it onto my nail! OMG, total transformation! It gave the black polish an ultrachrome effect of green, teal and blue and is so gorgeous! So that you can see the difference side by side; I chose to then go back and stamp with the same black polish using the chevron design from plate 1-01. Amazing!
I love how it doesn't really look like "much" (I use that term loosely, as it's beautiful all on its own), in the container, but once applied over a base color, it was fantastic! Total suprise!

Be sure to check them out at the links below! If every plate collection and Magic & Glitter Dust are as great as these, you'll want to get your hands on them!

**press sample

Thanks for reading!

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