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Splendor Nail Lacquer - 30, Flirty & Fabulous collection (swatches and review)

Hi guys! Today I have a new collection coming from Leslee of Splendor Nail Lacquer! The 30, Flirty & Fabulous collection was created in celebration of Leslee's upcoming 30th Birthday! For those new to Splendor Nail Lacquer, it is operated out of Winnipeg, MB, Canada; however, Leslee does offer international shipping

Tom Boy is a dusty, medium toned pink/berry with a scattering of micro glitter that sparkles in silver, teal and pink! Amazing formula, needing just two coats plus topcoat!


Amethyst is reminiscent of the center of a dark amethyst crystal. It's a deep plum purple filled with scattered holo that is, not only beautiful in regular lighting, but really sparkles in the sunlight! Again, just two coats plus topcoat!

Winter Skies is a gorgeous lavender tones creme with scattered holo! Of the two purples in the collection, this one was my fav! Perfect dusty purple shade! Another great formula with just two coats plus topcoat!

Smiling Ice Cube is a beautiful spring time green jelly, with pretty scattered holo that sparkles beautifully in contrast to the extra touches of pink that were added in! The more I wear them, the more I am falling deeply in love with green polishes! Another two coats plus topcoat!
(note from Leslee: Growing up in Canada I am no stranger to winter and cold temperatures, my hometown has the nickname "Winterpeg." Smiling Ice Cube is inspired by one of my childhood quotes and a winter photograph of myself from around that time frame. While outside playing and completely oblivious to the fact that it was bad that I could not feel my toes I proclaimed "I'm a smiling ice cube!" I sported a green and pink snow suit during those days and would only wear these hats my mom knit me because they had cat ears on them.)

Cosmic Inkpool is an absolutely gorgeous jelly with a blackened base that is filled with blue micro shimmer, along with silver micro shimmer and silver holo hex glitters in varying sizes! This is so awesome! Again, just two coats plus topcoat! I could stare at this one forever; it definitely reminds you of a clear nigh time sky and the starts sparkling above!

Unicornucopia is beautiful clear base jam packed with 7 different types of silver holographic glitters and pigments for that wow factor! This also has bits of teal and purple holo hex glitters for a little extra pop! This looked gorgeous over a colored base, but I chose to share it alone, in all it's glory! Here I did 3 thin coats plus topcoat!
(note from Leslee: Unicornucopia could technically be considered an add on to the Private Eyes Collection inspired by Veronica Mars. While investigating some credit card fraud as teen investigators often do she joked that the thief had hit every store in the mall "except Unicornucopia." It wasn't until I created this polish that I knew I had made something worthy of the name.)

I was really happy with all of the polishes in the collection! They all had amazing formulas and the end results were breath taking!

Be sure to check out Splendor Nail Lacquer at the links below for more information regarding this and upcoming collections!

Below, you'll find all of the release and pricing info, as provided by Splendor Nail Lacquer!
  • Sunday February 22, 2015 - Start of Pre-Sale

  • Sunday March 1, 2015 - End of Pre-Sale

  • Friday March 6, 2015 -  Pre-Sale orders begin shipping.

  • Monday March 9, 2015 Public launch of collection.  All pre-sale promotions and offers are no longer valid and standard shipping terms apply.
At Splendor you always get a 20% discount when purchasing an entire collection for this pre-sale you will receive 35% off when you purchase the entire 6 polish collection.

For the duration of the pre-sale all single polishes from the 30, Flirty & Fabulous Collection will receive a 15% discount and the Collection as a set will be 35% off.
(Leslee also offers handmade pendants using some of these polishes! Be sure to check her shop for availablity)
See the table below for pricing.

Pre-Sale Pricing

Amethyst $9.35
Tom Boy $8.50
Unicornucopia $9.35
Winter Skies $9.35
Smiling Ice Cube $8.50
Cosmic Inkpool $8.50
30, Flirty & Fabulous Collection $41

Everyday Pricing

Amethyst $11
Tom Boy $10
Unicornucopia $11
Winter Skies $11
Smiling Ice Cube $10
Cosmic Inkpool $10
30, Flirty & Fabulous Collection $63

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