Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sally Hansen - Velvet Texture in Deluxe

Hi guys! So a week or two ago I saw photos of a couple of the Velvet Texture polishes from Sally Hansen on Marta's (@martawarmuz) instagram and fell in love! I had to make a quick run to Walgreens, so naturally I picked one up..haha!  The selection had been pretty picked through, so I chose to get Deluxe.....are you ready? It's gorgeous!

I'd describe this as a vampy, deep navy blue. So dark that it sometimes appears black! I was not impressed with the first coat and was worried it wouldn't turn out good, but I was wrong. The second coat made it completely opaque and rich in color. I really love the texture look of it too! It's not crazy textured, so people that don't generally like the feel of textures may still like it. It has just enough to give it the look, yet feels velvety!

Then, because I can't seem to just wear plain nail polish anymore, I decided to stamp over glad I did! I stamped a viney image from UberChic Beauty plate 1-02 using two Mentality polishes. Opaque Orange and Opaque Gray! pretty! I love these 3 colors together! I didn't want to take away from the texture look, so I opted to not add any kind of topcoat. I think it was a good decision!
(be sure to wear a good base coat with this one, as I did have some staining after only one day of wearing this)

Anyway, I definitely plan on buying more of the Velvet Textures for sure!

**Purchased by me

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  1. Super pretty. I bet they would look equally pretty with shiny topcoat too.

    1. I bet your right! I got so caught up in the texture that I didn't even think to try it