Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lolita Lacquer - Jurassic Park inspired, Dino Digits Collection (swatches and review)

Hi guys! Today I have a newly released collection from Lolita Lacquer to share with you! The Dino Digits Collections! This Jurassic Park inspired collection consists of four new polishes! Let's get to it!

Raptor Red is an orange based red creme! It is amazingly pigmented and can be opaque in one normal coat, or two thin coats! It is super bright without being neon. For my photos I did two thin coats! (Oh...and this one stamps perfectly!)

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Tyrannosaurus Red (T-Red) is a red tinted jelly, packed full of red and orange hued micro glitter! This baby is opaque on its own in just two coats! It is so gorgeous! You could wear this by itself to get that textured look, or add a glossy topcoat like I've done! As I was taking photos, all I could think of was Dorothy's red sparkly shoes..haha!

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JAW-llo is another densely packed, full coverage micro glitter! This one has a green tinted jelly base and is loaded with micro glitters in different shades of green! (Yamira's inspiration is awesome and hilarious at the same time - this polish's name was inspired by the scene where Lex and her brother are ferociously devouring the left out buffet of food; just as Lex is about to take a bite of her green jello she spots a raptor. Terrified she is simply sitting there holding a now shaking spoonful of green

Image result for jurassic park jello scene

DNA is a glitter topper in a clear jelly base. This one is filled with different sizes of matte hex glitters in shades of red, black and yellow (the Jurassic Park logo colors)! I had no issues getting the glitters on my brush, but they were a little tricky adding them to my nail. (tip: when applying a glitter topper, don't worry too much about the amount of glitter that stays on the nail, you really just want the base to start with. Once you apply your second coat, you'll see that the glitters stay on better and are much easier to place) Here I did two thin coats over OPI You're So Vain-illa!

Image result for jurassic park

As an avid Jurassic Park fan, I love this collection! I like that, though it's not a huge collection, it has great variety! A one coat creme, two coat full coverage micro glitters and a fun glitter topper!

These are available in Yamira's shop now! Be sure to follow Lolita Lacquer for information on upcoming collections!
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