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Dollish Polish Nail Lacquer - "Don't Be a Square" Pulp Fiction collection (swatches and review)

Hi guys! Today I have Dollish Polish Nail Lacquer's newest collection, "Don't Be a Square"! Inspired by the 1994  movie Pulp Fiction, these will all be available February 23rd at Noon EST!

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I don't know about any of you, but I freaking love Pulp Fiction! It was written by Quentin Tarantino, so as you can imagine it is a shoot 'em up, crime movie, with a crazy story line, hilarious quotes, violence and at times it's just plain odd...haha! It's not for everyone, but to each his own!

Whether you are a fan of the movie or not, you WILL be a fan of these polishes!

Keep Calm and Call the Wolf is a beautiful really light, dove grey crelly filled with different sizes of glitters in shades of gray, gunmetal, white and chocolate brown. This can be opaque in one coat (as seen on my index nail) or in two thin coats (middle, ring and pinky)! The formula is amazing! I'm not sure I own any crelly is that are that opaque. The glitter payoff was excellent and needed no fishing whatsoever!

Pretty Good F*cking Milkshake is a light pink crelly filled with matte square glitter, as well as hexes and circle glitters in shades of white, orange, green, yellow and red! It also has a bit of a silvery shimmer throughout!  So pretty! Another great formula, with this one needing just two coats plus topcoat to smooth it out! No fishing for glitter either!

English Mother F*cker, Do You Speak It? is a creme with a soft berry shade and a subtle metallic finish to it, that has pretty red and pink glass flecks! So beautiful!  This is also right on with Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala! Awesome formula, just two coats plus topcoat!

I Said God Damn, GOD DAMN is a gorgeous blue-toned lilac creme! I'm in love! This formula was so silky smooth and just on the edge of being a one coater! I did two for my photos plus topcoat! (Excuse my yellowy/green skin tone, I promise I am not jaundiced. This was photographing more blue, so I decided it would be best to correct the color of the polish and not worry about my

Don't Be a Square is a denim blue jelly with tiny to medium square glitters in shades of navy, royal and turquoise blue! Another excellent formula that is opaque in 2-3 coats, depending on your application skills. For my photos I did just two coats plus topcoat! As with the other, this has great glitter payoff! (and do you see it matte?! Gah!)

with matte topcoat

with matte topcoat

Be Cool Honey Bunny is a gorgeous Lucite green crelly loaded with micro glitters in shades of teal, turquoise, magenta and honey! So beautiful!  Totally reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream, but with glitter instead of chocolate. ..haha! Awesome awesome formula, just two coats plus topcoat!  This is also another one that looks amazing matte!

with matte topcoat

with matte topcoat

Zed's Dead baby, Zed's Dead is a mossy green cream filled with iridescent flakies and micro flakies! Green with flakies! Gimme gimme! I sound like a broken record, but this is another great formula needing only two coats! The flakies...oh those flakies! Gorgeous on its own, but when you add a matte topcoat, you may die! It's glorious!

with matte topcoat

with matte topcoat

Royale with Cheese is a dense glitter bomb! it's jam packed full of silver micro glitter, as well as tiny glitters in shades of green, orange, red, turquoise, yellow and blue! A rainbow of glitter! This can be opaque on its own in 2-3 coats depending on application. Though I would wear this in just two coats normally, I did three for photographing purposes. (I also tried to matte this one, but it really didn't make a difference because the glitters are so sparkly! So I did not take any pics. )

I am head over heals in love with this entire collection! There is not one polish that I disliked! I love the inspiration behind it, the colors and the formulas were perfect! I don't think I could even pick a favorite because I like them all so much!

The Don't Be a Square collection will be available today, February 23rd at Noon EST! Be sure to follow Dolly at the links below for more information, as well as upcoming collections!

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  1. 😍😍 You have been killing me with all your wonderful swatches! These are beautiful! Guess I need to buy my first Dollish polishes.