Friday, January 30, 2015

Vapid Lacquer - Ultrachrome Flakies & Holo (swatches and review)

Hi guys! Today I have some amazing Ultrachrome Flakies with added holo from Vapid Lacquer to share with you! Also a bonus holo beauty inspired by a special pooch!

There have been many brands making flakies and I'm really glad there is such an array of mixes and formulas to choose from. I feel flakies are the new glitter, well for now anyways! I love my glitters, but I'm excited for all the flakies around!

Super Sonic is a rainbow of iridescent flakes and filled with scattered holo in a clear base. This is so gorgeous! This polish has some magic! In the bottle it looks like it would be pretty pastel in color, but BAM..over a dark color this baby has some really vibrant colors! For my photos I did o coat over Pessimist. This one isn't necessarily ultrachrome, but the more of a scattered change in color and is my fav of them all! You could definitely put this over a light base to get a more subtle look. (And omg...look at it matte!)

Catatonic has green to blue to gold shifting flakes with scattered holo in a clear base! Again, this one isn't super ultrachromey (is that a word?), but is also more of a scattered change. I again did one coat over Pessimist. This can be opaque on its own in three coats. And this one matte...I'm dead!

Hypnotic is packed full of flakie awesomeness that shifts from pink to purple to gold with an added dose of scattered holo, all in a clear base! I again did one coat over pessimist, but you can obtain full coverage in about three coats. These flakes matte are killing me!

Drunk Yoga is a violet jelly base with green shifting to violet flakes and purple hyper holo glitter! The shift is strong with this one my friends! I've seen several swatches of this beauty on its own and it is amazing. In those photos it appears more on the purple side, while when over black it takes on more of the green/blue hues. Cool, right?! Anyway, I did one coat over Pessimist and am in love! I love this glossy, but again...the matte is amazing!

Haaked (pronounced hawked)[meaning: the flakiest of flakes, completely unreliable] This polish is most definitely not unreliable! It is green to blue to gold shifting flakes in a blue jelly base with added gold hyper holo glitter! This one also looks totally different when worn alone or over a dark color, which I love as it gives the color a whole new life depending on your base. I again did one coat over Pessimist and it really brought out the teal and lime hues of the flakes. The matte....gah...look at it matte!

Flakey Bakey (he's so flakey bakey") has pink to purple to gold flakes in a violet jelly base with purple hyper holo glitter. The purple in this one stands out the most when worn on it's own, but unlike some of the others, this one keeps a lot of that purple hue when worn over black. Do I need to say it? One coat over Pessimist! Matte!

Dexter, named after Krys' main canine man, the one..the only...her blue doberman Dexter. This is a metallic base polish in a dark silvery gray and a shit ton of linear holo! Haha..but in all seriousness, it is loaded with holo! In the shade it appears as a lovely charcoal gray and then the light hits it and blinds you! Yes, it's that good!

These will be available in Krys' shop this evening, January 30th! Links below!

Be sure to browse other reviews and swatches of all of these babies, as I did all of mine over Pessimist, but several other ladies used either a different color base or no base at all, which can totally transform the outcome!

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Thanks for reading!

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