Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Singles Awareness Day / S.A.D. Box (swatches and review)

Hi guys! Today I have a fun little anti-Valentine's themed collaboration box to share with you! Three amazing indies...one box! This fun little collab is called the S.A.D. Box (Single Awareness Day) and includes a polish from Signet Nails, Lou it Yourself and Rica!

From Lou it Yourself:

Resting Bitch Face is a gorgeous, medium pink holo! While the formula feels thin, it is not lacking in opaqueness one bit and applied like a dream. Just two coats plus topcoat is all that was needed. In addition to the polish, she is has also contributed some super cute heart nail vinyls. I am a newbie to vinyls and haven't used too many of them. These work perfectly! No hiccups and the lines of my hearts stayed nice and crisp!

From Signet Nails:

Kiss Off is a wonderfully squishy pinky red jelly! In true jelly form, you're not likely to get it completely opaque if you have really white tips, but again it's a jelly...it's not meant to be opaque. I think people, myself included, forget this sometimes. For my photos I did three coats plus topcoat. What I really love, is that its formula is not thick like a lot of jellies I have. It's much thinner, like a good creme, while keeping the jelly squishiness we all love! (My photos are a bit redder than it appears in person. You can see more of the pink hue in the bottle shot)

From Rica:

F*ck Love is a beautiful  burgundy jelly filled with a glitter mix of different sized holo hexes and squares that sparkle in shades of gold, red, orange, blue, purple and silver! Another wonderfully squishy addition! For my photos I did 3 easy coats, plus topcoat!

Love this trio so much! Squishy, glittery, holo awesomeness!  This trio will be available in Signet Nail's shop on Etsy or Lou it Yourself's shop on Storenvy on January 30th. Just $25.00 plus $3.00 shipping! Grab yours fast, as there are limited sets and these will go quick!.

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