Sunday, January 11, 2015

I,A.M...CustomColor - Ren and Stimpy collection (swatches and review)

Hi guys! Today I have a new collection from I,A.M...CustomColor. This collection is another super fun one and is inspired by none other than REN and STIMPY! Oh my gosh! I had not seen this show in over a decade, so I found myself searching for and watching episodes on YouTube. Pure ridiculous and disgusting entertainment..haha! If you think boogers and farts are funny, then chances are you'd think this show was too. I remember my Mom just being like, "what the hell are you watching?". She didn't get!

OK...onto the swatches!

Don't Whiz on the Electric Fence is a beautiful chartreuse holo. I really want to say it's a pea green, but that makes it sound ugly, which it is definitely not! It's gorgeous and completely unique to my collection. It has a wonderful formula that was opaque in 2 coats! (You can check out the game theme song this was inspired by here!

Magic Nose Goblins is a gorgeous, bright green, shimmery jelly filled with small white, black and green glitters, as well as white stars. This one is super fun and again has a great formula, again just 2 coats for me! I love this one; not only for the polish itself, but because this was definitely on of the grossest moments of the show..bahaha! Does that make me weird?!

Space Madness is an amazing deep blue jelly filled with tiny holo glitters, along with blue and teal...maybe purple or maybe some of the holo is tricking my eyes, but either way gorgeous! This one also glows in the freaking dark! It's not a super bright glow, but after charging it under my lamp for a few minutes, I was definitely able to see it with my own eyes. Capturing it on camera was a tad more tricky. I had to really adjust the contrast and brightness of my photo in order to show it. Amazing formula and again took only 2 coats. This may be my fav! And O..M...GGGGG....look at it matte!

NO Pants Today is a gorgeous holo top coat! This baby really packs a mean punch with just one coat over any polish! I chose to layer one coat over OPIs "I Sao Paulo Over There" and as you can see if turned the base into a totally different and beautiful holo look!

Now, there are 9 polishes in the collection; but I only had 4 to share. Below are photos copied from other swatch ladies (IG name and link will be listed)

Ren and Stimpy is a red to gold thermal and depicts the characters perfectly! (swatch by @pickacolorblog on instagram)

Ask Dr. Stupid is a red, blue, black white and grey/silver glitterbomb! (swatch by @nailluminati on instagram)

Ren's Pecs is a peachy, red and pink glitterbomb! (swatch by @pickacolorblog on instagram)

Son of Stimpy is a green glitter topper that glows in the dark! (swatch by @jamylyn_nails on instagram)

Jerry the Bellybutton Elf is a grey holo with rainbow flakies! (swatch by @jamylyn_nails on instagram)


This collection is fun, hilarious and beautiful all at the same time!

Again, there are 9 polishes in the collection, so be sure to check out I,A.M...CustomColor on her social media accounts for additional swatches of all of them, as well as any release updates! Links below!

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For fun, I found a blog listing the Top 5 Grossest Ren and Stimpy Moments

**press samples

Thanks for reading!

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