Thursday, January 29, 2015

I,A.M...CustomColor - Ashes' Favorites (January/February) swatches and review

Hi guys! Today I have some new polishes from I,A.M...CustomColor to share with you! Ashlie is starting an Ashes' Favorites collection! Each month she will be releasing polish duos named after her favorite performers. One singer and one dancer. The polishes capture the essence of the sentimentality of the performer that touches Ashlie most. 

January's Duo

Prima Assoluta is a lovely, soft pink jelly holo with rainbow micro flakies and glitters! Superb formula; just two coats plus topcoat! This is named after Ashlie's favorite Ballerina, Alessandra Ferri. Alessandra is a Prima Ballerina Assoluta, the highest title and honor granted to classical Ballerinas, to  which there has only been 12 since 1894.

Ashlie provided these links to learn more about Alessandra:
Although this is not classical ballet, it is Ashlie's favorite clip of Alessandra dancing and truly shows her versatility and splendor.

The Rain is a a green when cold to blue when warm thermal holo polish with UCC flakies. Another fantastic formula, needing just two coats and the thermal in this is really great! It instantly started changing as I was applying it to my nails. I freaking love this one so much! It is named after the song the Rain by Calvin Harris and I can see why it makes Ashlie happy!

The song can be seen and heard here-

February's Duo

Mischa B. is a red jelly holo with a fantastic formula. This doesn't even feel like a jelly, as it applies just as smooth as a creme! Beautiful! Right on the edge of being a one coater, but I did two coats plus topcoat! Mischa B. is named after Mikhail Baryshnikov, one of the most inspirational and amazing male Dancers of the last Century, whom still dances today and contributes to the dance world through many entrepreneurial ventures like the BAC or Baryshnikov Arts Center in NY. He inspired Ashlie personally because he was always told he can't; too short, too stout, not enough.

Here is a vintage video of his amazingness back from his early years.

Here he is in white nights, 16 years later, still amazing, he has disproved the short dancer's career.

You Will Find a Way Remix is a grey crelly with purple shimmers, with shades of teal and purple glitters in squares, hexes and tiny bars. Awesome formula and another awesome formula. Again, just two coats plus topcoat! This polish is named after a remix of the song by Santigold, You'll Find a Way. Ashlie stated that this is one of the few times she liked a remix better than the original and I'd have to agree, as I don't really care for the original! 

You can hear the remixed song here-

For January's box Ashlie will be offering a shimmery pink, chocolate raspberry butterfly shaped mini lotion bar and February's will include a shimmery red eye shadow in a 1/3 gram jar.

Since she already had an awesome collection release this month (**clears throat, Ren and Stimpy), the January and February duos will be released at the same time, on January 30th. 

Each monthly duo (plus extra as listed above) will be offered for $20.00 shipped exclusively at her new shop located at

I love the idea of monthly favorites, not only because it means more polish from I,A.M...CustomColor, but it also helps us get to know Ashlie a little better!

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