Monday, December 1, 2014

Vapid Lacquer - Holly Daze collection (swatches and review)

Hi guys! Holy cow...two posts in one day! And both from one of my favorite indies! This post is all about Vapid Lacquer's Holly Daze collection that is releasing on Cyber Monday!

Le Nog, clearly inspired by egg-nog is a beautiful, pale yellow creme filled with tiny dark brown/coppery micro glitter that really gives it that egg-nog appearance! I have to confess, I generally really dislike the formula of yellow polishes, but....Le Nog is awesome! It's super creamy

...As the Driven Snow is a lovely white crelly filled with sort of a flakie micro shimmer that reflects gorgeous pastel colors. Perfect name as it really sparkles the way fresh snow does in the sunlight.  I am out of good sunlight days, so tgis was taken indoors under my lamp. In the full mani pics it appears just white, but the macro really gives you a glimpse of those purdy flakies! This formula was a tad thicker with its jam packed flakie and glittery goodness, so be sure to let the first coat dry for a few minutes before applying the second one.

Guilded is a gorgeous, full coverage, gold glitter jelly! It is filled to the brim with gold micro shimmer, glitters and gold holo glitter! As Krys said, it shines like it's ready for a diamond..haha! I love full coverage glitters and this was no exception! Just 2 coats plus topcoat is all that's needed!

Santa Baby is a warm, red holo jelly that is so beautiful, yet so hard to photograph. As I previously stated my photos were all taken indoors under my lamp, so unfortunately I could not capture the true glory of the holo. *sad face* I can, however, vouch that even indoors I could see the holo with my own eyes, just not on camera. Another wonderful formula; just 2 coats plus topcoat!

Periwinklemas is a light blue/periwinkle crelly filled with a rainbow of glittery colors. Though my photo is showing more light blue, it really has that true periwinkle tone to it in real life. Such a fun polish and another great formula! Here I did 3 thin coats, but 2 should be sufficient!

Happy Freakin' New Year (I'm using Krys' description becuase I love it so much) It is a metallic-silver-jelly-like-holographic-glitter-filled-shiny-for-days kinda polish! And she's right! So shiny and super blingy! Another wonderful full coverage glitter! Again just 2  coats plus topcoat!

Shitter's Full (calling all Christmas Vacation fans!) is a beautiful glitter topper, filled with different colors and sizes of holographic glitters and silver moons! So much fun! I really really love this topper! It looks awesome over pretty much any color, but I did just 1 coat over Vapid Lacquer's Whatever! Love love love it!

Ugly Sweater is my fav of the collection! So freaking festive and full of color! It's as if Krys melted down her decorated Christmas tree and bottled it up! Maybe even ate the tree and threw it up! haha! It is a green jelly filled with silver holo stars, along with hexes and squares of an assortment of colors and a touch of micro glitter! My photos show just 2 coats plus topcoat!

Amazing holiday collection! I am in love with them all! Awesome formulas and super fun colors and glitter mixes! These release at noon CST on Cyber Monday, along with Krys' Winter 2014 collection! Be sure to follow Vapid Lacquer for any release updates and new collection info! Links below!

As always, you can search Vapid Lacquer within my blog for more swatches and reviews!

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