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Lacquer by Lissa - Vinyl Nail Decals (review)

Hi guys! Today I have some fun vinyl nail decals to share with you! Lacquer by Lissa is owned and operated by Melissa of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Her vinyl nail decals make nail art a breeze and make a great addition to your own nail art!

Melissa sent me an array of decals to try out and I was really excited as I haven't used many decal type products in the past. For the most part they consisted of wintry and holiday designs, but she also threw in some other fun ones! I didn't use them all, but chose a few of my favs to share with you.

Here are some looks I did using the vinyls:

The first one I tried was the Christmas Sweater Pattern. After painting my base color and letting it fully dry, I measured the length of the sweater pattern I wanted and cut it from the strip then simply placed it onto my nail and pressed down gently to smooth it out. Once it was completely smooth, I went over it all with 2 coats of topcoat. {Polishes used were Lolita Lacquer [Miss Marilyn] (gold), Lolita Lacquer [Horchata] (white) and Vapid Lacquer [Black Friday] (black holo)}

For the next mani I used the reindeer from the Holiday Mix 1 and a silver Snowflake. {Polishes used were Vapid Lacquer [Holo-er Than Thou] and a sandwich of Glitter or Die [Classy B] and [Freddie]}

For this mani I simply used 1 of the green snowflakes from the Grinch vinyl set and paired it with my own Christmas tree nail art. {Polishes used were Vapid Lacquer [Ugly Sweater] and wHetNails [Vertigo]; tree design done with acrylic paint}

Next I used a white Snowflake and the gray Elephant! I know..I know...snowflake AND elephant in the same mani?! What can I say...I live on the edge! {Polishes uses were  Vapid LAcquer [Whatever] and [Holo-er Than Thou] and Signet Nails [Black Hole]

Lastly I used the pink Snowflakes, the black Eiffel Tower and the pink Cupcakes! I mean come on...who wouldn't want to be in Paris at Christmas time; sitting at a cafe down the street from the Eiffel Tower and eating a cupcake while watching the snow fall? I know I would! Unfortunately, I forgot to take macros of these decals...*sad face* {Polishes used were OPI [My Vampire is Buff] and  Littlenailgirl [Love Annie], as well as black acrylic paint and studs from Winstonia Store.

So I have to say, that being into doing my own nail art, I was reluctant that I would like these...I was wrong! I love them! I really like that that they can add a little extra detail and make a fun mani a bit easier to achieve! The quality of them is wonderful. They are sturdy enough that they don't tear when you remove them from the backing, yet they are thin and pliable enough that they adhere and form to your nail flawlessly. I also really loved the amount of options she offers and I'm sure anyone could find something they will love.

I have one tip..if you are planning to use topcoat, be sure to do slow strokes, as the topcoat can bubble a bit around the edges of the decal if you're took quick. Also seeing as they are decals, there is a slight raise to them, but 2 coats of quick dry topcoat gives you a smooth finish!

You can follow Melissa at the following links, as well as check out her shop!

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