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Eliana's Collection - "Kandy Krush" , "Nail It This Summer" & "Must Have" collections (swatches and review)

Eliana's Collection  is a new indie brand that was created in 2014! Handmade in the USA, they are cruelty and 4-free.

Eliana's Collection, LLC
Today I actually have all three of their collections! The "Kandy Krush", the "Nail It This Summer" and the "Must Have" collections. I was torn about whether I should do 3 separate posts, but because all of these polishes combined make up the most amazing rainbow, I just had to keep them together..haha! See that picture below? Is it not awesome?!

In true rainbow fashion, I am going to share them with you in color order, but will note the collection each one is from!

Funky Party 181 has a kelly gray creme formula that is so awesome! If you have shorter nails, then this could definitely be a 1 coater for you. I did 2 coats plus topcoat. Such a beautiful and feminine soft gray. (Nail It This Summer)

Peek-a-boo 182 is a beautiful medium purple, almost a dark lavender, with a very subtle silvery frost. This is a creme formula that is opaque in 2 coats, though I did 3 plus topcoat. (Nail It This Summer)

Blubiery Blast 185 is a sky blue creme with grey undertones and a subtle silvery frosted shimmer. Opaque in just 2 coats, though it's almost a 1 coater!  (Kandy Krush)

Caribbean Dream 188 is an amazing dark teal jelly that is opaque in 3 thin coats. It is such a beautiful color and is super shiny all on its own without topcoat. (Nail It This Summer)

Electric Lime 180 is an amazingly bright lime green. Reminds me a lot of the grass in springtime, when it first starts popping up! Super shiny creme formula opaque in 2 coats, maybe even 1 thicker coat. (Kandy Krush)

Yellow 2Lips 183 is a really pretty sunflower yellow with a thicker creme formula. I did 3 coats, as it was a tad streaky with just 2. It could totally be my own application though. either way, it's really beautiful!. (Nail It This Summer)

Banana Swirl 184 is another lovely yellow creme, but this one is lighter banana color with a pretty silvery frost. This is also one of the thicker polishes, but is thinner than Yellow 2Lips. This one only required 2 coats to be opaque. (Kandy Krush)

Orange Krush 186 is a corally orange creme, with a great formula. Again I did 2 coats, but it is right on the edge of being a 1 coater! (Kandy Krush)

Pink Taffy 179 is gorgeous deep, but bright pink with a beautiful light pink and silver shimmer throughout/ It is a really opaque color and only needed 2 coats for me. Again though, it is almost a 1 coater.(Kandy Krush)

Red Bottoms 187 is a gorgeous bright red and may have the most amazing formula of any polish I have ever used! I did 2 coats for my pictures, but it is definitely 1 coat worthy! Seriously one of the best formulas ever! (Nail It This Summer)

Must Have Collection -
Fast Dry Topcoats, I used this over about 50% of the photos above. It makes the polish dry to the touch in under a minute and I felt the polish was completely dry in about 10 minutes. It also has a super shiny finish!

Enamel Nail Primer, I again used this in about 50% of the photos above. Though I can't vouch for wear time, since I simply swatched the colors and didn't have them on long, but I will say that it definitely made a big difference in the application. I felt like the polishes went on much smoother when I used it as a base coat.

Prime and Shine Top and Base Coat, I used this in the pictures above about 50% as a base coat and 50% as a topcoat. As the base coat it made the polish go on smoother, but again I can't vouch for wear time. As a topcoat, it did make everything super duper shiny, but I prefer the fast drying ones more.

Matte Finish Topcoat, as you can see below, this has got some serious matte capabilities! I have only used about 5 different matte topcoats ever and this is definitely in my top 2!

(Fast dry topcoat)

(Matte topcoats)


I was seriously impressed with each polish here! A couple were a littler thick, but I have yet to find a yellow creme that wasn't. Overall they all had amazing formulas and so many were right on the verge of being 1 coaters; and a few that actually were! The colors are exquisite! I love how they  weren't your basic primary colors and a lot of them had a little something extra.So many cremes! I love the cremes!

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