Thursday, October 23, 2014

Virtuous Polish - Seven Virtues collection (swatches and review)

Hi everyone! Today I have another new-to-me indie brand to share with you. Virtuous Polish, based out of Virginia, is owned and operated by a team of siblings! How cool is that? One brother and three sisters working together to create vibrant "look at me" polishes! They also plan to create hand products and possibly nail art supplies.

Patience is an astonishingly bright neon pink! I mean seriously bright! My camera was freaking out trying to focus..haha! For my photos I did just 2 coats. The photos on the left are without any topcoat at all. As you can see it dries to a beautiful matte finish, yet still stays really vibrant! On the right, I used their Virtuous shiny!
Now I did have a little trouble with this one, as it was a bit streaky. Before I could email them to advise of the problem, I had already gotten one from them stating they were aware of the issue and that it had been remedied. The issue wasn't big enough that it would cause me to never wear it again, but I liked that they recognized the problem and fixed it right away. Says a lot about their character.

Temperance is a super bright and highly pigmented deep blue! Gorgeous! This one also dries to a wonderful matte finish and had a great formula. Again I did just two coats. The photos on the left are without any topcoat and on the right with their Virtuous Topcoat. Absolutely beautiful!

Wrath of God is your basic black creme polish, but it has a more satin-y finish. Another great formula and I did just two coats. You can see photos of the original finish on their instagram. I decided that I wanted to match the others, so for my photos on the left I added a matte topcoat; again the right has one coat of their Virtuous Topcoat.

Virtuous Topcoat was a winner for me for sure! It dries quickly and to a super shiny finish! 

I really liked the matte finish of the first two. They appear very velvety I personally am not a fan of satin finishes. I prefer totally matte or really shiny. Wrath of God was still beautiful, so keep in mind that is my opinion only. I only had 3 of the 7 colors in this collection, so be sure to check them out to see swatches of the remaining 4.

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