Monday, October 27, 2014

Jior Couture - Fall collection (swatches and review)

HI guys! Today I have 2 of the 6 polishes in Jior Couture's new Fall collection. Jior Couture is owned and operated by Sacha Junique. She creates Cruelty and 5-Free lacquer and hand care products.

First I have Coffee Run! It is a gorgeous chocolaty brown with a wonderful creme formula. This totally reminds me of the color of a cafe mocha from Starbucks,,haha!. So pretty and the formula was divine. I did 2 coats plus topcoat, but this is right on the verge of being a 1 coater. I am a little heavy handed so I tend to streak polish as I apply it, but someone with a light hand could likely get away with just 1 coat!

Fall for Rouge is a gorgeous deep red with another awesome creme formula! This has some purple undertones and reminds me of a dark cranberry/wine color. Very pretty and sassy! This is another that is right on the edge of being a 1 coater. My first coat was a little patchy and streaky, but the second coat smoothed it right out. Both polishes dry to a bit of a semi-matte finish (sort of satin-y) but topcoat really makes them shine!

With as much as I like these two, I will definitely need to look into snatching up the remaining 4! They both had great formulas and the colors were are perfect for this time of year. I especially loved Fall for Rouge! I am such a sucker for deep reds!

The Fall collection will be released today! 10/27 (my bday!) Be sure to follow Jior Couture for more amazing products! All of their links are below!

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