Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Littlenailgirl Lacquer's Awareness Line - Love Annie and Love Deb

Hi everyone! I am honored to have been sent the first 2 polishes from Littlenailgirl Lacquer's new Awareness line to share with you all!

A message from LNG:

Let's celebrate the life of two amazing women!!

We are so excited to have started the Littlenailgirl Lacquers awareness line. Our line will launch October 2014 with our very first breast cancer and domestic violence lacquers.

We select special stories and honor them with a lacquer in their name and a portion of the proceeds go the charity of their choice!! This has been the most rewarding adventure in my heart and we plan to keep our awareness line growing and growing!!

Feel free to share your stories with us at any time via email


The first polish in the LNG Awareness line is for Breast Cancer Awareness and is called "Love Annie"! It is an absolutely beautiful, delicate and soft pink with an amazing creme formula. For each of my photos, I did just 2 coats, plus topcoat. I am a big lover of pink polishes, but I surprisingly don't own one in this shade, so this was a welcomed addition to my collection.The formula on this is super smooth and went on with great ease! (All of the nailart in the last photo was done using acrylic paint)

Breast Cancer awareness also hits very close to home for me. I personally have had several women in my family endure and beat this horrible disease; as well as a family member who is currently fighting her own battle with it. I have come to realize just how strong these women must be and how inspiring they truly are.

Meet Annie!

photo (71).JPG
In April 2013, Annie was diagnosed with breast cancer after her normal, routine mammogram.
Her doctors were very aggressive with her treatments, surgery and radiation and Annie is now is considered CANCER FREE!!

Annie has selected the American Cancer Society as her charity.

Littlenailgirl has created team, “Littlenailgirl”, and will be participating in the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk on Saturday October 11, 2014 to honor Annie.

If you or anyone you know would like to walk and or join their team, please contact LNG at

The second in the LNG Awareness line is for Domestic Violence Awareness and is called “Love Deb”!
This is a gorgeous deep purple with the most beautiful silvery shimmer throughout. Just as the previous polish, Love Deb has a wonderfully smooth, creme formula! This one is also a one coater! Tadaaa! :)
(All of the nailart in the last photo was done using acrylic paint)

I have not personally dealt with domestic violence in my own life, but I do know a few women who have. It takes a strong woman, to not only learn that it is never their fault, but to also figure out in their own way, how to heal and continue on with life...

Meet Deb!

photo (83).JPGSeptember of 2012, Deb was a victim of an absolutely horrific domestic violence act. She is a survivor, as well as a strong, amazing and beautiful woman.

Please take a minute to read Deb’s story

A portion of sales from "Love Deb" will be donated to Domestic Violence Awareness

Great job LNG! There is a special place in my heart for awareness type products; whether the issue effects my life personally or not.

As far as a product review goes, I have no negative comments to make...haha! Each polish had an amazing formula, with smooth, opaque application and the colors are absolutely gorgeous! Each item I have received from LNG has been amazing! You can check out some of my previous reviews of LNG polishes by searching Littlenailgirl Lacquer within the blog.

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Thank you for reading!

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