Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jolie Polish - Duo Set (Raspberry Swirl & Champagne and Raspberries) Swatches and Review

Hi Guys! I've previously posted photos of the duo set from Jolie Polish on all of my social media sites, but I have been locked out of my blog account for over a week so I am just now able to post my review of them.

A little about Jolie Polish! Based out of Philadelphia, PA, Jolie Polish is owned and operated by Bory Foreman. Bory also runs the @nailthedeal page on instagram! Jolie Polish creates 5-free polish; she also sells stamping plates, stampers, decals, make-up and the ever so popular clean-up brush (my review for that is here).


First in the duo is Raspberry Swirl! A beautiful light pink crelly packed with purple, lavender hexes, as well as satin-y gold circles in different sizes. it is also filled with a gorgeous pinkish flakie shimmer throughout! This has an amazing formula and only took 2 coats to be opaque.

Second in the duo is Champagne and Raspberries! This one is my fave! There is just something about white or nude crellies filled with glitter that I can't get enough of!This one is also chalk full of Purple and lavender hexes, as well as satin-y gold circles. The shimmer in this one is a little bit more subtle, but still noticeable and beautiful! Again just 2 coats!

I have a few other crellies from Jolie Polish and I love them. They all have great formulas and generally only take 2-3 coats to be opaque. If your not big on the way crellies build, you could also put just one coat over a similar base colo

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