Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I,A.M...CustomColor - Invader Zim "Let the Nightmare Begin" Pt. 2

Hi everyone! Today I have a few swatches to share from indie brand I,A.M...Custom Color Cosmetics' Invader Zim "Let the Nightmare Begin" collection Pt.2! In case you don't know, I,A.M...Custom Color Cosmetics is owned and operated by the lovely Ashlie Jade out of California. Their supplies and products are created using organic and fair trade ingredients, cruelty free and polishes are 5 free. They do disclose that they are not vegan, as they use beeswax and carmine (a red pigment) in a few of their products.

There are 5 total in the collection, but I'll only be sharing 3; so you'll definitely want to be following them for pictures and reviews of the remaining 2.

I did a little research on Invader Zim, as I was not familiar with it. It is an American TV series that premiered on Nickelodeon in 2001. It stars an extraterrestrial named Zim who is from the planet Irk and revolves around his mission to destroy Earth. As Ashlie pointed out, it definitely reminded me of the show Ren and Stimpy, which I actually did watch years ago. Not every one's cup of tea, but you can still appreciate the inspiration and beautiful polishes that came from it!

Filthy Stink Children is a beautiful carmel brown holo with a slight rusty undertone. This is almost a 1 coater, but I did 2 coat plus topcoat for good measure. This is inspired by the episode Rise of Zit Boy; wherein Zim's crazy pimple has hypnotic powers..haha! Zim name's the pimple Pustulio. So as you can see in my final photo, I recreated Zim (in his "human" form with Pustulio on his face! This polish is absolutely gorgeous. A perfect brown nude for Fall an the holo is amazing!

Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars is a teal blue holo with a subtle purple duo-chrome effect. I had a hard time capturing the purple effect though. This one is inspired by the episode Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars. In the beginning of the episode you see a spaceship flying through the galaxy and you can hear Zim saying "My Tallest! My Tallest! My-my-my Tallest! Hey my Tallest..over here!" He repeats this over and over trying to get the attention of the captain, Tallest. (totally reminded me of my son, repeating my name over and over again when we are driving in the car..haha!)
Anyway, this polish is beautiful and has a great formula to boot! I did just 2 coats plus topcoat! (in the final picture I recreated Zim from a screenshot of the episode. This is him in his natural extraterrestrial form I believe)

TAK: Hideous New Girl is a gorgeous purple holo, almost wisteria-like. Again only 2 coats plus topcoat was needed and the formula and color were divine! This one is inspired by the episode TAK: Hideous New Girl; wherein a new girl named Tak arrives at school and Zim believes she has a crush on him. He later finds that she is and Irken and there to try to take over his mission to destroy Earth and prove to the Tallest that she is worthy of being an invader. (In the final picture I recreated Tak from a screenshot of the episode)

I also received the I,A.M...Custom Color DiamondPro Topcoat and used it on all of my swatches. The last swatch I did I left on for a couple of days and had no issues with peeling or polish chipping/wearing much. I washed dishes, cleaned house and they were totally protected. It also makes the finish crazy super shiny!

These are the first I.A.M...Custom Color polishes I have tried and I really loved them. Each had an amazing formula and the colors were gorgeous. I only wish now that I could afford to get the remaining 2 in the collection, as I am sure they are just as wonderful!

Be sure check out Ashlie's shop, as well as her blog and other social media sites listed below!

**Purchased with my own money at a discounted price

Thanks for reading!


  1. These are so phenomenal, the pictures, your descriptions and the nail art! Ms. Jennifer, you did me total justice! These are amazing and it was a total pleasure working with you! I hope we have an opportunity to do so in the future! Much love! XOXO

    1. Thank you Ashlie! It's my pleasure! A great product deserves a great review! ♡

  2. This whole post is pure awesome, I love that you did nail art for each polish!