Monday, August 18, 2014

Signet Nails - "The Stars, Like Dust" Collection (swatches and review)

Hi everyone! Today I have swatches and my review of Signet Nails 'The Stars, Like Dust" collection. For those of you that don't know, Signet Nails was created by the lovely Lauren of @lalanail. She happens to be one of the very first nail girls I ever followed, even before she was @signetnails.

About Signet Nails (as listed on their website)

All Signet Nail polishes are '5 free' and vegan!

Signet Nails is a one-woman project by Lauren Nail Swindol. Inspired by signet rings used in days past and present, Signet hopes you will find a hand mixed shade that really represents YOU. All polishes are made in my Mississippi home with love, inspiration, and the buyer in mind. Make your impression with Signet Nails.


First up I have Estrella Luz! This is a beautiful purple scattered holo with an awesome pink shimmer. It's almost a blurple (purpley-blue). I love love this color. I am not really a purple kind of girl, but I love blurples! In some lights it looks more blue and in others, a shimmery purple. I feel like my photos captured more of the blue side of it, but you can still see that hint of purple. Super smooth formula, only 2 coats plus topcoat, though unless you are wearing it for awhile, you really don't need it as it's pretty shiny on its own.


Next is Intergalactic! This one has a beautiful silver base that is packed with scattered holo. In some lighting it gives off a silvery/white vibe and in others it almost feels like it has a hint of lavender color. As always, it may totally just be my eyes, but I swear I see it. Haha! It also has this golden shimmer to it that is beautiful. I had a hard time capturing it in photos, but it's there! Just 2 coats plus topcoat!


Third in the collection, I have Nova! One of my favs! It's a hot pink base with scattered holo and an amazing purple/fuchsia shimmer. So so lovely! I feel like in real life this looks much more hot pink, but my photos seem to have captured its red undertones. Red? Pink? Who's just awesome! Again 2 coats plus topcoat!


Next I have Black Hole! Now I love pinks, reds and blurples, but something about a dark color with scattered holo is simply amazing! Black Hole, is a dark black base with scattered holo and a glorious rainbow-y shimmer. Gah-or-geous! Nuff said! 2 coats plus topcoat.


Fifth in the collection, is Blue Dot! Another one of my favs. It has a dark blue base with scattered holo and the most amazing bright teal/green shimmer ever! I am in love! I've mentioned it before, but I am obsessed with blue polish on my tootsies, so this one is currently gracing my toes at the moment! Again, just 2 coats plus a topcoat.


Last in the collection is Nebula! This is a gorgeous glittery topper! It's a clear base with scattered holo and little glitters that really catch the light. This one is also slightly textured, but you can easily add a topcoat if you're not into that. This one was absolutely impossible to get a good photo off. My pictures really do it no! At first I was hell bent on putting it over black, which is beautiful, but too closely resembled Black Hole. So I opted to make a neutral gradient using OPI's I Sao Paulo Over There, Taupless-Beach, Don't Bossa Nova Me Around and Alpine Snow. 1 simple little coat of Nebula and my whole mani changed to this sparkly awesomeness! Anyway, needless to say, it looks amazing over any color!


I am in love with this collection. I think the name was genius and holos are really popular right now! Each of the polishes had great formulas, wonderfully yummy scattered holo and amazing colors. Great job Lauren!

If you haven't already, you can check out Signet Nails on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and her Etsy Shop!

***Blogger Samples purchased by me at a discounted price

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  1. thank you LM, i'm really glad you enjoyed using them! I'm going to post a link to this review on my Facebook page.