Monday, August 25, 2014

Pretty Woman Virtual Back to School Party

Hi everyone!

TODAY Pretty Woman USA is hosting a really awesome Virtual Party from 12-6pm EST, celebrating  Back-to-School! They will be giving away Pretty Woman nail polish, along with some other fun goodies every hour on the hour! You definitely don't want to miss this.

Be sure to join them on Twitter (@PrettyWomanNYC), Instagram (@PrettyWomanNYC) and YouTube (PrettyWomanUSA) for a chance to win! (I'll be hosting their Twitter feed from 4-6pm EST...get ready for some fun! I'll be gosting 2 giveaways while I'm there!)

Now this may be a Back-to-School party, but let's face it...even us middle-aged woman love fun nail products! Am I right?! I was super ecstatic when they asked me to be a part of this party and I had a lot of fun with the products they sent!

The products I'll be sharing with you today are:

Gelogic Light Pink

Gelogic Coralicious

Pink Pearls Kit

I hope you all enjoy what I came up with!


No idea why, but as always, the polishes look much darker when holding the bottle than when the mani's are photographed weird! Although I have to say, I think the colors are more accurate in the photos where I'm holding the!

For the first mani, I used all three of the featured products! You'll see Gelogic Light Pink on my index and pinky, Gelogic Coralicious on my middle nail and the fun Pink Pearls kit over the Light Pink on my ring finger! I also decided to added some of the pearls to all my nails in some simple designs, along with some studs. Now, I did a video tutorial too, but please don't judge me on that! Haha! I am still working on my video tutorial skills! I mean, I was literally laughing while playing it one point you can't even see what I'm sorry about!

First up is the (cough, cough) video.....(please note that in the interest of saving time, I had already applied my first coat of each polish 5 minutes before filming) For some reason I was unable to play the video from my phone, so If you can't see please try back from a laptop or desktop computer!

And the completed mani. Unfortunately I had previous done this mani on a sunny day and had some great pictures..and then disaster struck! I accidentally deleted them! So I had to do it over, but on a cloudy day, so I apologize for the poor lighting.. (So basically, I put on 1 coat of the Gelogic polishes and let them dry for 5 minutes, the I put on the 2nd coats. While my ring finger was still fairly wet, I poured the Pink Pearls over the nail, then patted them down into place. Next I put studs on the pinky and pointer nails, along with a line of quick dry topcoat. I then pour the pearls over the topcoat line. For the middle nail I placed a dot of topcoat and poured the pearls onto it. (hope it all makes sense)


Next I used just the Pink Pearls kit over a base of Vapid Lacquer's Optimist. I think I must have really liked the pearl lines with studs, as I did it again..haha!


The next mani was actually a #ManiSwap with the lovely @hottmama_of4 from instagram, and I used the Coralicious Gelogic, along with Vapid Lacquer's Optimist and Pessimist and green acrylic paints. I loved her design and instantly knew I had to use Coralicious for it!


These were some great products! I was really reluctant when I first saw the Pink Pearls kit. I was worried about making a mess and the pearls falling off, but I was pleasantly surprised! As long as you pour them over the tray of the package, the leftovers are easily poured back into the bottle using the supplied funnel. I wore this mani all day and didn't lose any pearls. Since I do nailart on a daily basis, I took it off before bed, so I can't vouch for overnight wear.

I love the Gelogics! I've previously reviewed a few of these and my opinion hasn't changed. Great colors and gel finish, plus the durability of longer wear without UV light.

You can check out my previous review of a few Pretty Woman products here, including their foil kit that I absolutely love!

All of their polishes are 5-free, vegan and cruelty-free. They are handmade in New York and are available for purchase at Rite Aid stores nationwide, as well as

Remember to check out all of their social media sites today, for a chance to win some great stuff!

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