Friday, August 15, 2014

Luxe Lacquers August Subscription Box (swatches and review)

Hi everyone!  Today I have Luxe Lacquers August Subscription Box to share with you.

You can also check out my reviews of the June and July boxes, as I believe Roxy has some of the previous month's polishes for sale as singles!
Luxe Lacquers
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A little recap about Luxe Lacquers:

Luxe Lacquers, Inc. is a premium nail lacquer subscription service. For $29.99/month you'll receive 4 full sized polishes (17ml) with free shipping in the U.S. and Canada. They state you can cancel or suspend your subscription at any time, no questions asked.

Luxe states on their website that they are a brand of quality, environmentally responsible nail lacquers, that deliver premium, cruelty free, 5-free lacquers in the latest shades. A portion of your subscription is donated to the Malala fund- an organization dedicated to educating and empowering adolescent girls in developing countries around the world.

Another fabulous unboxing! Perfectly wrapped in beautiful tissue paper, with each polish in its own little zip lock type bag and surrounded by crinkle cut paper and little gems. (you can see pics in previous reviews)

First up I have Rose! This is beautiful neutral cream color, with a very slight hint of  light pink. It had an amazing creme formula that was completely opaque in just 2 coats, though I did 3. No topcoat needed, unless you plan to wear it for awhile, as it is very shiny on its own. With this one, you could even get away with just 1 coat, for a natural, clean look. (All pics taken in direct sunlight without topcoat)


Next up is Amelia! An exquisitely, beautiful blue! This one is more of a crelly leaning jelly-like formula. and is definitely the sheerest of all the polishes, but it builds quite nicely with each layer. For my photos I did 4 thin coats, but it is pretty opaque in just 3; or you may get away with 2 thicker coats. For all I care, it could take 6 coats and I'd still wear it because it is just that freaking pretty! (all pics taken in direct sunlight without topcoat)


Moving on, I have Chantal! This one is a super opaque, black creme that is definitely a 1 coater! I love 1 coaters! I did 2 for my pics, but on any other occasion I would only need 1.Now, ya know how some really opaque blacks can have a slight blue tone to them? This one actually has a teeny hint of red...I don't know, maybe it's my eyes or maybe light was reflecting off of something, but I swear I can see it! Regardless, it's a great black! (all pics taken in direct sunlight without topcoat)


I saved my favorite for last. This beauty is Josette! She is an amazing red/burgundy that is so freaking shiny and almost opaque in 1 coat! Yes, another 1 coater! I did 2 thinner coats, but 1 generous coat would likely suffice, as this is really opaque in color. I must warn, this one did leave a hint of pink stain on my nails, so you'll probably want to use a basecoat. If you're a serious nail girl though, and want your stuff to last, you probably already use one anyway. (all pics taken in direct sunlight without topcoat)


Here I just did a simple polka dot mani using all 4 of the polishes in the August subscription box!

Again Roxy and Luxe Lacquers have done another excellent job! I have to say after 3 subscription boxes and 12 polishes, I really have no complaints. Sure, some of the colors are ones that I would not typically buy for myself, but man...they all have great formulas! Even the ones that aren't my favorite, like the yellow in last month's box (I'm just not a yellow kind of girl), had such a great formula, that though I wouldn't wear it alone; I could see myself using it as a base for some nailart or as an accent nail.

Roxy, you've been banging out some amazing stuff this summer and I am really excited to see what you create for the Fall! I love Fall!

Be sure and check out Luxe Lacquers shop, and follow them on Instagram for updates and other information!

Thanks for reading!

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