Monday, June 9, 2014

Inspired By - Maria Menounos' Dress

Hi Everyone,

I am often inspired by so many weird and wonderful things. Anything from a dress to another nail artist, or to even the wrapper on a bar of soap..haha! Inspiration can be found pretty much anywhere. I have recently found myself looking at a pattern or texture and instantly thinking how this might look on my nails and working on designs in my head or on a nail art template. (these can be found by just googling "nail template". The ones I've been using appear to have come from

Today I just wanted to share how some of my rereations/designs are born. From the initial inspirations to the finished look.

To start, I was inspired by a dress that Maria Menounos wore.

I started with a base of OPI Alpine Snow and used black acrylic paint for the design. I then topped it with Vapid Lacquer's You're So Dull matte topcoat. Below is a little pictorial of how I did it.

And the finished mani!

Hope you like it! 
Thanks for checking out my blog!

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