Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cookie Monster pictorial

I don't generally do tutorials or pictorials, mainly because I'm not very good at them, haha. But I had recently gained a lot of followers and one of them asked if I could do a tutorial for a Cookie Monster mani. I was in such a great mood that I decided to give it a go! Be!

1. First I started by applying my base colors, adding my topcoat and cleaning up around my cuticles like I do with all of my manis. Now the reason I put on a topcoat is because the majority of the nail art I do is acrylic paint over my base coat. If you mess up, you can simply wash off the acrylic paint with water without ruining the base coat and having to redo it.

For this I used OPI Alpine Snow, Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris and Elf Cosmetics Skinny Jeans for my bases. Then topped it all with Glisten and Glow's HK Girl topcoat.

2. Next I drew an outline of Cookie Monster's head using black acrylic paint and a small detail brush. I then went back and filled in his head with white paint. This will just help the blue paint apply better. After that I used the end of my paintbrush as a large dotting tool and placed 2 large black dots where his eyes will be. I also used the same technique on the outer nails to make cookies using a skin colored paint.

3. Next I just went back and placed 2 slighty smaller dots over the black dots for his eyes

4. I then went back in with even smaller dotting tools and made the pupils of his eyes using black paint. Then add tiny dots to the cookies to make them look like chocolate chip cookies. At that time I also filled in his face with blue acrylic paint.

5. Next you want to draw in his mouth with black paint, I went back with more blue to make it hang in places around his mouth like his hair would.

6. Next I used my small detail brush and white acrylic paint to draw the word Cookie and few little polka dots

7. Lastly, I went back in and did a few touch ups and then sealed it all with my glossy topcoat.

Here is the photo I used as reference for Cookie Monster:

Walaaa! Haha! Like I said, I am not very good at tutorials, but I hope this will be helpful and that everyone gets a good

Hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading!


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