Sunday, May 18, 2014

Vapid Lacquer (Swatches and Review)

I was super excited to review more polishes from Vapid Lacquer because everything I've ever used of hers is AMAZING!

She is one of the best scattered and linear holo polish maker I know! They always have amazing formulas, superior coverage and gorgeous colors. This round of polishes is even better than the last ones I've tried!

So, without further ado, I give you swatches.....

First I have Say That to My Face! This is my absolute favorite! It's a glorious deep teal in color, with scattered holo glitter and purple/bluish micro glitter that shimmer in the light! I am in love. Awesome formula, I only needed 2 coats and though it is super shiny on its own, I added a topcoat for protection. I have an insane love for teals, blues and greens as pedicure color choices, so this went right on my tootsies after I swatched it! ugh! It's just so pretty! See for yourself! (The studs in the last pic are from Elyse at Charmingly Simple Nail Art)


Next is Violet Femme. It is gorgeous (gorgeous was said in my best singing voice btw!) A beautiful almost royal purple in color with  turquoise micro glitter and a great jelly formula! As with most jellies, it is slightly transparent and builds in layers. I did 3 layers on all of my nails, except for my ring finger. I have really white tips, so generally 3 does the trick for me when it comes to their oh so squishy goodness.. (Note my tips show through way more in these pictures than they do in real life)

I really like this one! If you love violet, purple, royal purple and more purpley blues, I guarantee you will love it too! Depending on the number of layers you put on, the look continues to change and is magnificent!
(Note there is not any nail art with this one. That's because I am human and the idea in my head was not translating onto my nails very well)


Now for Star Stuff! I mean, this is clearly what stars are made of, right? Wonderful holo goodness! I was like, it's's sort of a gray.....wait no..IT'S Holo! (again I sung the word holo). The formula was awesome, only 2 coats + topcoat, and it dried pretty darn quick. It was so shiny that it was picking up reflections outside, which in some pics make it look streaky. It is not in real life.


Moving on, I have Carina Nebula! Gorgeous, fuchsia packed with more holo awesomeness! As always, amazing formula - just 2 coats + top coat! I won't keep repeating myself, but it is so pretty!
(I chose to only share the accent nail of my nail art mani, because all the other fingers made the polish look horrible, again ideas don't always translate. First time trying galaxy, it's ok I guess. I also used several of the polishes in this post to create the galaxy look))


This next beauty is Stellar Atmosphere! AHHH! I just can't! Krys, you rock! Ahhhmazing baby blue micro glittery holo fantasticalness (is that a word?)....! Same awesome formula and 2 coats + top coat. Enough said! (The rhinestone studs used in the last pic are from Winstonia Store)


The next two are seriously my perfect shades, as far as nude holos go!

First is Surprise I'm Drunk! Love the name! Love the formula! Love that holo sparkle! Seriously it not like I have sparkly mannequin hands?!? Haha! It's sort of a dusty pink, with coppery undertones. 2 coats + plus topcoat. (The sun was a little hesitant to come out when I had this on, but it was still beautiful nonetheless) And yes, it was completely necessary that I paint a martini and a beer bottle on my nails..haha!


Lastly is Buy Me Brunch! Another beautiful nude holo. This one is more on the creamy tan side, almost a white sand. Gah-or-geous! (The flower charm is from Charmingly Simple Nail Art)


While I was at it, I figured I would review and swatch my purchase of Holo-er Than Thou, but it seems it is just as wonderful as all the others! 2 coats + top and absolutely beautiful. White in color and packed with holo amazingness and a great formula! Haha! In the last pics, I paired it with Surprise I'm Drunk and some nail studs from Winstonia Store.


Lip Balms - I purchased the Smelly Goods & Pretties multi-pack of handmade lip balms. I chose Oh Honey, Sweet Southern Peach, Pink Buttercream and Berry Cherry Fluff. Krys also threw in Mallow! They all smell amazing and seriously make my lips oh so soft and shiny! Ingredients: soybean oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, hemp oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, vitamin e, aloe vera and flavor


Here's a little bonus mani I did! I still need to work on my gradients, but here is a an attempt of one using Carina Nebula, Say That to My Face! and Violet Femme, with some white acrylic paint and studs from Winstonia Store.


So, as mentioned in the beginning and throughout this post, Vapid Lacquer knocks my socks off with every new polish and product! Awesome formulas and colors!

Say That to My Face!, Violet Femme, Star Stuff and Holo-er Than Thou are available now!

Buy Me Brunch, Surprise I'm Drunk, Carina Nebula and Stellar Atmosphere will be available in her shop on May 31st tentatively. Be sure to follow Vapid Lacquer on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more release info and other great polishes.

You can check out my previous review for Vapid Lacquer here and visit Krys' shop here for other amazing polishes and products!

Hope you Enjoyed! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice swatches! I LOVE the Holo-er Than Though + Surprise I'm Drunk nail art :D Holo-er than though seems like such a great white holo, which is apparently hard to achieve :)

    1. I agree! She did such a great job on Holo-er Than Thou. I've tried a few other really light holos and they were a little on the thick side. This one was a perfect formula! And thank you for the nice comment and for checking out my blog!