Friday, May 30, 2014

MDJ Creations - What's Your Superpower collection (swatches and review)

I have another round of fun polishes from Melissa at MDJ Creations!

Just to recap: MDJ Creations is owned and operated by the lovely Melissa! She creates everything from nail polishes, gemstone jewelry, lip balms and ointments. A little one stop shop for beauty gals! The majority of the polishes are 5 free, though there are still some 3 free available.

These are all included in the "What's Your Superpower" collection. (purchase here)

Teleportation is a glitter topper packed with Neon pink, black & gold holo stars, with violet holo dots, turquoise holo squares and a matching small/micro glitter mix.

First I paired it with Sinful Colors Innocent. I wanted something super bright; reminiscent of teleporting into the future! haha!I love the way the neon green made the hot pink glitter pop! 2 coats on my index and pinky, 1 coat on my ring and a sort of sideways gradient on my middle. 

Next I layered it over Nicole by OPI My Jay or the Highway!. This is my fave combo..a little neutral with little pops of neon and sparkles...ahhh! I did 2 coats on my index and ring finger nails, 1 coat on my pinky and some glitter placement on my middle nail.

X-Ray Vision is a topper packed with green, white and silver holo stars, green diamonds and a matching small/micro glitter mix

First I wanted to pair it up with a contrasting color base, so I chose Elf Cosmetics Flirty Fuchsia. I thought the bright pink really made those lovely green glitters pop! Love it! 2 coats on all nails.

Next I layered it over OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around for a more neutral color pallet. Though I like it over vibrant colors best, I really liked this combo!

Summoning Unicorns is a glitter topper packed with pastel pink, purple, white and silver holo stars and a matching small/micro glitter mix

I first paired it with Liquid Sky Lacquer's Baby Frog for a more soft, pastel look. 1 coat on my index and ring finger; 2 coats on my middle and pinky.

Next I wanted to make a little more of statement by layering it over Sinful Colors Savage! Pa..Pow! (then I had to take a day long break from swatching, as it stained my skin...aaarrrgh!) 2 coats on the index and middle nails; 1 coats on the ring and pinky nails. I loved the mix of vibrant and pastel in this combo!

Underwater Basket Weaving is a glitter topper with pastel turquoise and pink stars and matching small/micro glitter mix

Before the swatches, I just have to say how much I love this name..haha!

I first layered it over Elysian Nail Lacquer's Appearing in Daylight. I'm not super fond of yellow and I feel that the shade of yellow I chose may have drowned out the glitter a bit, but it was still pretty.2 coats on all nails.

Next I paired it with Cult Nails Swanbourne. I really really liked this combo! The dark brown really set off all the amazing colors and its beautiful glitteryness! 2 coats on the index and pinky, gradient on the middle and some placement on the ring nail to accent my flower!


In these final pictures, I layered each one over white and black. 

Index: Summoning Unicorns
Middle: X-Ray Vision
Ring: Teleportation
Pink: Underwater Basket Weaving


I loved all of these, though my favs are Teleportation and Underwater Basket Weaving!

As you can kind of tell in the pictures, the more vibrant or dark your base is, the more these glitter toppers really pop. However, if you want a softer look, pairing it with a lighter, more matchy color, is also very pretty! What I loved, is that with every different color base I tried, the glitter took on a different look; a specific glitter tone would pop out that I hadn't notice on the previous base.

These all had great jelly formulas and you could really get away with just one coat over your base for a beautiful effect. Like a lot of glitter toppers, the larger glitters kept trying to make their way to the ends of my nails, so I did just a teeny bit of dabbing to get them where I wanted.

All of these polishes and more are available in Melissa's shop. Be sure to also follow her on Instagram and Facebook for more awesomeness!

You can check out my previous review of MDJ Creation's polishes here and here, as well as the newly available Independence Day duo here!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook as well; I post more nailart there!

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