Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weekly Manis

Hi Everyone! Whew! I've been so busy this past week or so. I've been working really hard on swatches and reviews for some wonderful indie brands, as well as some personal things going on in my life. But I'm here and back with more weekly manis!

First up, I did my first attempt at the "dry brush" technique. Basically I put on a coat of Sally Hansen Espresso and let it dry completely, or almost completely. I'm a little impatient..haha. Then I dry bushed Elf Cosmetics Mint Cream, Wet n Wilds Black creme and OPI's Alpine Snow. Dry brushing is so simple, I don't know why I hadn't tried it before. You basically just wipe off as much excess polish on the polish bottle top and brush it onto your nail. (hope that makes sense, I'm horrible at giving instructions). You don't have to give any dry time in between colors, as the amount of polish you brush on is so minimal. Once I got them how I wanted them I just topped them off with Glisten and Glow's HK Girl topcoat. Wallah! Easy Peasy!


Next up, was inspired by some fabric I came across at the store. I didn't buy it, but I took a picture to try and recreate. I uses OPI's Love.Angel.Music.Baby as the base on all nails. Then I went back and left just half moons on my index and pinky using OPI's Alpine Snow. I then uses white acrylic paint to create the fish scale look and then added a little accent color with teal paint. I really like how it turned out, but may try it again in the future with different colors


This next one was my 3rd time doing a gradient design. for this one, I uses Discover the Journey and Dynamite Girl by Big Spoon Lacquers. I love these 2 colors together. Definitely reminiscent of a sunset. Really glad I took a picture before I did the design, as I was not really happy with it. I uses acrylic paint for it, as usual.


Next I uses Orly's Teal Unreal as my base and then added some simple flowers using different shades of blue and gray acrylic paints. Teal Unreal is insanely gorgeous! Such a rich color! I also added just a touch of glitter using Sweet Heart Polish's Matthew.


This last one I wasn't too sure about the color combo, but I got great feedback on Instagram. I used a base of OPI's Alpine Snow and then of course...acrylic paint!


Nothing too exciting last week, sorry. I have already done some really fun designs this week, so be sure and look for my next Weekly Manis post!

Thanks for reading!

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