Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MDJ Creations - Swatches and Review

The lovely Melissa of Melissa Demster Jewelry (MDJ Creations) contacted me last week about doing some swatches for her. Let's just say I was super excited. She is a wonderful polish maker and even lovelier human being! So, let's get started with my 2 favs of the bunch!



First up is Ermahgerd Perlish! I'm in love with this one! Not only because it is such a fun and great formulated polish, but also because it was made and named for, Kristin,  @ermahgerdperlish on instagram, who I just adore. 

Ermahgerd Perlish is a turquoise crelly with purple, orange and white shades of various sizes of glitter; as well as some holo, pearly and matte glitters. It is opaque in 2 thick coats, though I did 3 thinner ones, plus a topcoat! It has a pretty shiny finish, but if you want your mani to last, you should definitely use a top coat to protect it.


The second polish I have is Captivating. And it sure is! Its a pretty fuchsia jelly with a beautiful linear holo rainbow effect. It went on super smooth and was opaque in 3 thin coats, again you could get away with 2 thicker coats and even 1 as a lovely topper to change up your other polishes.  This one is also pretty shiny on it's own, but I used a topcoat anyway!


The remaining 2 polishes I have are fun little glitter toppers!

The first is Something to Celebrate! Perfect topper to jazz up your current mani and it looks great over any color. It is full of purple, teal, gold, silver, hot and light pink glitters of various shapes and sizes, as well as stars


Last, but not least is Sistine Chapel! Its another beautiful glitter topper that' s filled with gold, holo, aqua and red glitters of different shapes and sizes. This looks amazing over any color! I chose an aqua and nude to show it off. You can also wear it alone, as it is almost opaque in 3 coats (see thumb).This one is also good, if you like to fish out glitters to do glitter placement! (see middle finger). Love love love it!


I really loved all of the polishes I received from Melissa! They all had great formulas and beautiful color. I'm not generally a glitter topper kind of girl, but I really liked these!

Be sure to follow MDJ Creations on Instagram and Facebook for details on releases. Also check out her Store!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!

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