Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MDJ Creations - Hope Begins (Naomi's Village charity polish)

The polish  review I have for you today is Hope Begins. This is a beautiful polish, with an amazing meaning! Made by the caring and warm hearted Melissa, owner of MDJ Creations, 100% of the proceeds of this polish are directly donated to Naomi's Village. Their mission is glorify God in serving Kenyan children by providing spiritual, physical and emotional healing, so that they may grow to impact their world.

Directly quoting Naomi's Village:
Currently Naomi’s Village is home to 53 orphans all under the age of 13 from all over Kenya. Eventually Naomi’s Village will grow to approximately 100 children and will include teenage housing.
Most of our children are total orphans, meaning neither of their parents are alive or traceable. A few have living relatives that simply cannot take care of them due to abject poverty, physical or mental illness, or an unhealthy home environment.

Hope Begins is beautifully formulated pink polish with coppery mauve undertones; as well as that wonderful linear holo effect we all love! I did 3 coats, but it could be opaque in 2. I also played around with it and it works out awesome as a 1 coat topper for dark polishes. Though I didn't take pictures, I tried it over red and black! It looked amazing!

Below you'll see swatches of this lovely polish. Most taken in direct sunlight. I did take one in my lightbox, so you could see the differences. (Yes..that is a tree I tried to paint on my nail. Don't laugh! hehe)

Hope Begins will be available for purchase in MDJ Creations shop TODAY! Go...go this amazing color and help out a wonderful charity in the process!

You can visit MDJ Creation's shop here. Please also swing by Naomi's Village to learn more about this beautiful charity and what you can do to help!

Thanks for reading!

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