Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekly Manis

Well, I was defeated in trying to get this post up this past weekend. I had a few other blog posts I needed to get done. In addition to the recreations in my last post, I also did a lot of my own designs. Counting them! I did a lot of manis last week! Haha! Enjoy!

First up, I used Mango Madness by Elf Cosmetics as my base and acrylic paint for the design. My goal was to design some artsy flowers towards the base of my nail with some abstracty polka dots. I though they looked great until my husband asked if they were strawberries!?! Haha. I hate to admit it, but he was right. So here are my flower/strawberry nails.


This next design was actually inspired by a pattern I saw on google. This was created with all acrylic paints. I think this was my favorite of the week! So fun!


For this mani, I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the base, then gave it funky black tips using Wet n Wild's Black Creme. Then to spice it up a bit I used @loadedlacquer's Steampunked. I am in love with this glitter. It's a mix of copper, gold, silver and black glitters (Hexagons, squares, circles and tiny bars)


This one was very time consuming, but I had always wanted to try a detailed tribal design. I first put on a base of Sinful Colors Snow Me White to help the colors pop and then free handed the entire design with acrylic paints. 


This design was actually done for a Preemie Awareness art contest held by @nailalicious. As some of you know, my son was a micro preemie, so Preemie Awareness is very close to my heart. This was done with all acrylic paint.

Pointer: Preemie Awareness ribbon
Middle: March of Dimes logo
Ring: Purple Preemie Heart - like many preemie moms, I was given a heart pendant along with a poem.  The pendant represents love, unity and understanding among preemie families.


This was my very first attempt at doing gradient nails! I am quite proud of the outcome!. I used Elf Cosmetics Raspberry Sorbet and Mint Cream for the gradient. Then decided, that tho it was pretty, it was a little boring. I added the black free hand using Wet n Wild's Black Creme and then a touch of glitter using @shopeighty4's Disco Ball.


Next up is just a little abstract art for you! I used a base of Sinful Colors Black to Black and then free handed the design with acrylic paint.


My second attempt at gradient. I did my whole hand, but this is the only nail that turned out good. Haha! I used Elf Cosmetics  Skinny Jeans, Teal Blue and Mango Madness. I then topped it off with @sweet_heart_polish's Matthew. I love love love this one! The girls on instagram said it reminded them of a sunset!


 I hope you enjoyed! Thank you for reading!
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