Friday, March 21, 2014

Sweet Heart Polish - Swatches and Review

Today I have a couple polishes that were sent to me by Cassandra of Sweet Heart Polish!
Sweet Heart Polish is custom handmade, 5-Free, Vegan & Cruelty Free Nail Polish

First up is I, am a Librarian! This is from the Death is Only Beginning collection. It is beautiful! The color reminds me of the magenta-ish/fuschia peonies that grow in my front yard! It's a holographic deep pink shimmery polish. The formula was amazing. it went on like butter and was opaque in 2 coats, though I did 3. I'm not generally a pink polish lover, but this I actually really like!


Next up, I have He Loves Me Not. it was created for Valentine's Day, but appears to be sticking around for awhile! As Cassandra put it, "because who doesn't love skulls?" Haha, right?!

Its a wonderful mix of holo glitter in several shapes and sizes, with holo black stars and holo pink skulls. All of this wonderful glitteriness is mixed into a great clear suspension base. In all of my photos, I did just 1 coat! That's right...1! I did however have to fish out the skulls, but that's pretty common among larger glittery toppers. I put it over black, white and purple; though I'm pretty sure it would look great with just about any color as a base. Its a great topper and shines in almost every color imaginable! 


Lastly, I have Matthew! this is from the Superfine collection and oh my! It is definitely superfine! It's an iridescent micro glitter with a bit of holo glitter mixed in. I am in love with this one! I have a soft spot for micro holo glitter toppers. This was completely opaque in 3 generous coats, though I really love it all by itself with just 1 coat. This polish also looks amazing over any color base too! I'd have to say this is my fav that I was sent !!! (first nail pic shows 3, 2 and 1 coat)


And a final picture with ALL of the polishes!! Buahahaa

All of these polishes were fantastic! Great coverage, wonderful formula, and beautiful mixtures! Thumbs up!

All of these polishes are available in her shop NOW! You can visit her shop at Here. For more information and pictures regarding her collections, you can also check her out on Facebook and Instagram.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!

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