Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Lacquer Junkie by Kass

**press sample**
Hi guys! Today I have a new to me brand to share with you! Lacquer Junkie by Kass is owned and created by Kass of Akron, Ohio and has been in business since mid 2018. Let's take a look at the pretties, shall we?

Midnight Embrace is a cherry red based with a hot pink and blue shift, blue flakes, blue to green flakes, orange to pink to gold shifting flakes and a touch of holo. Here I did two thin coats plus topcoat, but depending on your application you may get away with just one coat. The formula is on the thicker side, but it applied smooth, dried shiny but a teeny bit textured and was easy to remove.

Shimmer Me Tinder is a black jelly based filled with orange, red, yellow, and gold glitters and flakies. Here I did two coats plus topcoat, but again, depending on your application you may get away with just one. This was also on the thicker side, dried a bit textured due to the glitters and needed just a little extra scrubbing to remove. 

Great first impression for me. The formulas are a bit on the thicker side, but that's a plus in my opinion. A lot of indie brands tend to shoot for thicker formulas as the customer can always add a bit of thinner to get the consistency they desire; though if a formula is too thin, you're kind of stuck with it that way. 

I like both polishes, but my favorite of the two is definitely Shimmer Me Tinder. Super sparkly!

These beauties are available in their shop now!

Lacquer Junkie by Kass

Thanks for reading!

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