Monday, October 1, 2018

Jior Couture 'Halloween Trio'

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Hi guys! Today I have some pretty amazing tri-thermal polishes from Jior Couture to share with you! What's a tri-thermal, you ask? Most thermals change between two shades. One for cold and one for Warm. A tri-thermal has an additional color that shows up between the cold and warm. 

Let's see what Sacha created!

I Witch I Would starts out as a gorgeous dusty navy blue shade filled with golden shimmer and microflakes when cold; then you gradually start seeing a plum shade peek out and finally as your nails warm up it changes to a beautiful lime green!  

As with many thermals, the warmest shade is generally the sheerest. This was completely opaque in two coats while it was cold, but as it changed to the lime green, I felt it needed a third. This dried fairly shiny on its own and was easy to remove.

Last Minute Costume starts as a deep brick red filled with gold shimmer and microflakes. As it begins to warm it changes to a red/coral shade and finally to a bubblegum pink when it's at its warmest. Here I did three thin coats plus topcoat, but I could have gotten away with just two. It also dried pretty shiny and was easy to remove.

The Candy We Love to Hate is obviously named for Candy Corn. I don't necessarily hate them, but I'll only eat them if that's all that's available. Ha! 

This one begins as a deep chocolate brown shade filled with that same golden shimmer and microflakes. As it warms it turns into a festive orange shade and finally to a sunny yellow at it's warmest. Again I did three thin oats plus topcoat. It dried shiny and was easy to remove.

I freaking love this trio! I don't own too many tri-thermals, but man are they fun to watch change! The standout for me is definitely I Witch I Would! 

The Halloween Trio will be available later on today, October 1st!

Thanks for reading!

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