Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Jior Couture 'Fall 2018 Collection - the Shimmers"

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Hi guys! Today I have the Fall 2018 Collection from Jior Couture to share with you! More FALL polishes! Fall is my absolute favorite season; not only because I'm an October baby, but also because I love the crisp weather, beautiful foliage and of course all polishes inspired by it! Let's take a look at what Sacha has created!

Spruce is a gorgeous pine green polish filled with green to gold to slightly purple shimmer. The formula is A+! Here I did two coats plus topcoat, but to be honest, if I weren't taking photos, I would probably have only done one coat! It applied smooth, dried a teeny dull and was easy to remove.

Skyline is a beautifully glowy blue polish filled with cyan to purple shifting shimmer. Here I did two coats plus topcoat. It dried a tad dull, but was easy to remove.

Poppy is a lovely red toned orange polish filled with a similarly colored shimmer that gives it a bit of an inner radiance. This formula was, again, amazing! As with Spruce, I did two coats plus topcoat, but depending on your application one coat may likely be all you need! It dried fairly shiny on its own and was easy to remove.

Peppercorn is a soft grey polish filled with purple shimmer! Here I did two coats plus topcoat. This one dried pretty shiny on its own as well. It was also easy to remove.

This collection is awesome! All four polishes had fantastic formulas and the base/shimmer combos are beautiful together! The standout for me is a tie between Peppercorn and Poppy!

The Fall 2018 Collection is available today, September 25th! If you're a member of the Jior Couture Polish Mavens group on Facebook, I'd suggest swinging over there first! *wink

Thanks for reading!

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