Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Night Owl Lacquer - Gone Camping Trio (swatches and review)

**press sample**
Hi guys! Today I have the beautiful Gone Camping Trio from Night Owl Lacquer to share with you! 

Glowing Embers is a bright fiery red full of bright blue and gold sparks, red-gold micro flakies and charcoal flakies. This applied really smooth and even on the first coat, but here I did two coats plus topcoat to reach full opacity. This dried pretty shiny on its own and was easy to remove.

May the Forest Be With You is a duo chrome that shifts green to brown with gold to green shifting UCC flakies and scattered holo micro glitters.This was a little sheer on the first coat, but completely opaque in two coats plus topcoat. It dried shiny and pretty smooth. There are a bit of glitters in it, so it may need extra scrubbing to remove.

Shooting Stars is a  deep, blackened blue linear holo with silver micro shreds and silver holographic shreds. Here I did two coats plus topcoat. It dried a little dull but fairly smooth. The shreds may need a little more elbow grease to remove.

Gorgeous trio! Seriously, all three are beautiful and the formulas were amazing.  I truly love all three, but if I had to pick a favorite, I think I'd choose Shooting Stars! I love dark blue holos!

The Gone Camping Trio will be available in Night Owl Lacquer's shop on August 25th! Each polish ranges is price from $9 - $10.50  or you can purchase the entire trio for $27.00

Also, Night Owl Lacquer is participating in the September Polish Pick Up Pack and trust me when I say, you want their polish! It'll be available for preorder September 1st thru September 4th at www.polishpickup.com 


  1. All three of these are perfection!! Love Embers on you!

  2. Hey! You have a good collection and my favorite one is this nicely pink shade. Grey also looks good but pink is good for any occasion and also with any dress.

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