Friday, January 20, 2017

Vapid Lacquer - New Polish Releases + the Hard Candy Box (swatches and review)

**press sample**
Hi guys! Today I have more new goodies from Vapid Lacquer to share with you! Cremes, Glitters & Smelly Goods, oh my! Let's take a look!

Naivete' is a beautiful pale, pinky nude creme. Super creamy formula that was opaque for me in three thin coats. Depending on your application you may get away with just two. 

Frosted Kisses is a gorgeous dusty medium pink creme. The formula is really smooth and stayed right where I put. Here I did just two thin coats plus topcoat!

Swayed is a cool toned beige creme. The formula on this one is fantastic! I was almost able to get away with one coat. If I had applied it slightly thicker than usual, it would have only needed one. Here I did two thinner coats plus topcoat!

Cunning is a beautiful warm toned light brown creme. The formula on this was really gret as well. Here I did two thin coats plus topcoat.

Since Swayed and Cunning are similar colors, I wanted to show you them together, so you can see the difference better. The lighter is Swayed / darker is Cunning.

Petty is Vapid's interpretation of the Pantone's Color of the Year for 2017. It's a gorgeous bright lime green filled with gold/green shifting shimmer! This formula is amazing! Here I did one coat! One coat! If you prefer thinner coats, you may need two coats though. (Schmedium and Full Size)

Insipid is a super sparkly berry colored jelly base filled with black, purple and cherry red holo glitters! Here I did three thin coats, but I think most could get away with just two. This will dry a bit textured, so you'll definitely want a good coat of glossy topcoat to smooth it out. Due to the glitters this may also need a little extra scrubbing to remove. (Full Size only)

The Hard Candy Box will include two polishes; Come Hitcher and Hard Candy, as well as the following bath & body products in the new Hard Candy scent: Nail Sauce 6oz., Body Cream 4 oz., Body Bar .75 oz., Sweetness Lip Balm, Whipped Sugar Scrub and a free gift of a Wax Melt! (photos below) Everything will also be available for purchase individually! (Schmedium and Full Size) Prices to be announced.

The Hard Candy scent is described as a mix of pixie stix and lollipops, sugar and sweet tarts!

Come Hither is a gorgeous, warm toned red filled with a bit of shimmer and a slight copper/red sparkle. Here I did two coats plus topcoat! This is a remake of a custom that Krys created for a fellow Vapicorn's wedding. It was created to match her wedding day lip color! (In the set or Schmedium and Full Size)

Hard Candy is a mega sparkly, bright, glowy pink filled with holographic flakes! I had a hard time capturing the holo rainbow, but it's there, I promise!  Another really opaque formula here! I did one coat on my pinky and two coats on the others! (In the set or Schmedium and Full Size)

The Nail Sauce

The Body Bar

The Whipped Sugar Scrub

The Body Cream

The Sweetness Lip Balm

The Wax Melt

Do they stamp? YES! While all of the polishes stamped pretty well, I only have photos of the nude cremes. The jellies and shimmers photo was accidentally deleted. 

Do they Marble? YES!

Naivete', Frosted Kisses, Swayed, Cunning

Hard Candy, Come Hither, Petty, Insipid

Come Hither, Naivete', Petty

New Topcoats! 

I believe this is Vapid's first holo topcoat ever! It's called Stardust and it is a fine linear holo topper. (seen below as one coat over Vapid Pessimist)

Vapid released a matte topcoat awhile back, but they weren't quite happy with it. This new matte topper is better than ever and is amazing! Onward Through the Fog dries in just under five minutes or so and leaves the polish perfectly matte! (as see below over the watermarbled nails)


Onward Through the Fog

I am a huge fan of nudes, so these cremes make me very happy! The additions of Petty and Insipid are certainly welcomed as well! The Hard Candy Box smells absolutely divine! I generally prefer scents that are Fall-like (ie: cinnamon, nutmeg...), Hard Candy, though it's really sweet, made my house smell amazing!

 Everything you see here will be available in Vapid's shop on January 28th at 1pm CST!

Don't forget about the Cyber Punk pre-order as well!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Awesome swatches!!! I'm so excited for this launch. Krys really outdid herself this time =)

  2. You totally nailed this! (No pun intended- lol) your swatches are beautiful as always!

  3. Insipid is gorgeous, and can I just say I love how you tested the stamping? Gorgeous enough to be a mani! :)

  4. That one macro.... Makes me want a latte! Haha. Gorgeous swatches Jennifer!

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