Wednesday, January 18, 2017

UberChic Beauty - Collection 14 + Love & Marriage-03 + Party Time + Uber Swatcher (swatches and review)

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Hi guys! Today I have A bunch of new goodies from UberChic Beauty to share with you! A new collection, two new single plates and the Uber Swatcher! Let's take a look!

Collection 14

UC 14-01
(Jolie Polish Jumbo Squishy Stamper and MdU Fantasy)

UC 14-02
(Jolie Polish Jumbo Squishy Stamper and Jolie Polish Amazon Green)

UC 14-03
(Jolie Polish Jumbo Squishy Stamper and MdU Joy)

Single Plates

UC Party Time
(Jolie Polish Jumbo Squishy Stamper and Jolie Polish Pink Ribbon)

UC Love & Marriage - 03
(Jolie Polish Jumbo Squishy Stamper and MdU Tulip)

Uber Swatchers 

Quoted from UberChic Beauty:
"This revolutionary polish swatcher topper - we call the UberSwatcher™ - comes in two parts: a hard white top and a flexible outer wrapper.
Simply apply polish to the hard white top, wait for it to fully dry between coats if you are using regular polish - or cure between coats if you are using gel polish. Then insert it into the wrapper and add it to the polish’s cap. We recommend two coats of color followed by a top coat.
This revolutionary nail polish swatching system will not only organize your entire collection - it makes it look absolutely magical when you open up your drawers because instead of seeing drab cap colors - you see full, true color swatches in all their colorful glory.
The outer wrapper adjusts to virtually every polish cap size and shape all while keeping it’s polish swatch on top firmly in place."

The UberSwatcher would not fit onto these two cap sizes

I really think these are a great option for smaller polish collections. I personally own over a thousand polishes, so I wouldn't be able to justify the cost for such a large amount. If I had a small collection, I'd definitely think about using them. They were a little difficult to get the disc back in after painting it, but after a few tries I found my groove. They also do work pretty well to help open stuck caps. 

All these goodies are available in their shop now! I really love Collection 14! There are a lot of Damask inspired images and I've always been a fan of those!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great stamping swatches! I think I want that L&M plate. Those hearts!

  2. I adore UberChic, and these newest plates are no exception. Gorgeous!

  3. I just placed my first order today! It finally clicked how great these plates are for double stamping and advanced techniques and I had to get some.

  4. This plate seems fantastic! The 2nd image you stamped needs to be used over a holo. It would look like a bunch of mirror balls!!